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Team Fürstenberg wins at the Season Opener

Team Fürstenberg with Jeannette Fürstenberg (-1), Steffi von Pock (0), Agustin Kronhaus (+3) and Victor Beckers (0) is the winner of the Season Opener, the fifth start-of-the-season tournament at the Rein Polo Club Düsseldorf. With a 5:4,5 win, the four from Team Fürstenberg defeated Team Strategie with players Uwe Müller (-2), Albert Scholl (-1), Philipp Sommer (+1) and Ramon Ricomini (+2). Third place was awarded to Vanessa Schockemöhle (-1), Mirja Pflug (-1), Detlev Kuhlmann (-1), Patrick Maleitzke (+2), and Claudia Zeisberger (0) from Team Berghof.
Thomas Scheuse from the Rein Polo Club Düsseldorf: „In almost every team exciting offensive polo was exhibited by a three-goaler, it seemed like balls and horses just ‘flew over the field’. The teams were very balanced which allowed for very close matches. Unfortunately, it was different a few years ago; we didn’t have such great luck with the weather. Between the rain and the hooves the first field of the RPCD took a tough beating on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, we moved to the second tournament field, which was still in great condition, only to play in both hail and rain. Polo is polo: all the matches were played in their full time! The Rhein Polo Club keeps proving, in every way, that it hosts great tournaments, also – or especially – in low-goal polo. We are happy and already excited to have the German Championship in our club.”

The Rankings:
1. Fürstenberg (+2)
Jeannette Fürstenberg (-1)
Steffi von Pock (0)
Agustin Kronhaus (+3)
Victor Beckers (0)
2. Strategie (0)
Uwe Müller (-2) / Sabine Hauptmann NN
Albert Scholl (-1)
Philipp Sommer (+1)
Ramon Ricomini (+2)

3. Berghof (-1)
Vanessa Schockemöhle (-1)
Mirja Pflug (-1)
Detlev Kuhlmann (-1)
Patrick Maleitzke (+2)

4. Hohenzollern (0)
Johanna Droste (-2)
Beate Pfister (-1)
Raphael Oliveira (+3)
Michael Schlarmann (0)

5. Plus Zahnärzte (+2)
Eva Steinhausen (-1)
Thomas Grau (-1)
Jorge Luis Romero (+3)
Dirk Baumgärtner (+1)

6. Luxembourg (+1)
Estelle Wagner (-1)
Alexander Ludorf (-1)
Yves Wagner (0)
Bernardo Podesta (+3)

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