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New Handicaps

This week the Asociación Argentina de Polo (AAP) has announced the handicap changes of the polo players of Argentina. The changes are coming into effect in Autumn 2013. In total the AAP has decided on 189 handicap changes, with 127 of them having been raised and 62 lowered. The most important changes: The handicap of Jean Du Plessis has been raised from +5 to +6 and the handicap of Horacio Heguy has been lowered from +8 to +7.
Handicap raises:
From +5 to +6
Jean Du Plessis
From +4 to +5
Ignacio Acuña
Andrés Laplacette
Felipe Márquez
Juan Martín Obregón
Patrick Odwyer
Nicolás Sivori
Martín Zubi
From +3 to +4
Agustín Andrada
Alejo Aramburu
Salvador Balmaceda
Segundo Bocchino
Luis Dellarosa
Santiago Loza
Francisco Maclouchlin
Guillermo Maclouchlin
Martín Orozco
Baldomero Palomeque
Mathew Perry
Mariano Raigal
Nicolás Recaite
Rodrigo Rueda
Francisco Sade
From +2 to +3
19 handicap raises
From +1 to +3
Fernando Rivera
From +1 to +2
26 handicap raises
From 0 to +2
Darío Aguirre
Nicolás González
Diego Larregli
Horacio Lizaso
Juan Semper
From 0 to +3
Dirk Van Rennen
From 0 to +1
51 handicap raises
Handicaps lowered:
From +8 to +7
Horacio Heguy
From +6 to +4
Pablo Nagore
From +6 to +5
Francisco Bargallo
Ernesto Trotz
From +5 to +4
Agustín Bourdieu
Eduardo Díaz Junqueira
Bautista Sorzana
Jorge Traverso
From +4 to +3
Duncan Dub
Andrés Garciarena
Carlos Miguens
Eduardo Miles
Federico Schlieper
From +3 to +1
Isidro Pereyra
From +3 to +2
21 handicaps lowered
From +2 to +1
27 handicaps lowered

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