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Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup 2013

From June 1st to June 23rd eighteen teams, each with a team handicap of +15, will compete against each other for the Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup at the Guards Polo Club. The tournament is one of the most important medium-goal tournaments in the UK and is traditionally presented by HM The Queen.
At the first match of the Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup on Saturday, June 1st at 12 p.m. (local time), team Shalimar encounters team Emlor S. The final match will take place on Sunday, June 23rd at three p.m. (local time).

The Teams:
Ferne Park (+15)
Jonathan Rothermere (0)
Eden Ormerod (+3)
Joaquin Pittuluga (+7)
Dirk Gould (+5)
EFG Bank Aravali (+15)
Karan Thapar (0)
Oliver Hipwood (+5)
Mark Tomlinson (+6)
Sebastian Dawnay (+4)
Clarita Black (+15)
Chris Mathias (+1)
Fred Dear (+2)
Gareth Evans (+6)
Fredrico Von Potobsky (+6)
La Indiana (+15)
James Harper (+6)
Roddy Williams (+5)
Fabio Lavinia (+3)
Michael Bickford (+1)
Sifani (+15)
Hilali Noordeen (0)
Ryan Pemble (+5)
Diego Cavanagh (+7)
Roddy Matthews (+3)
Power Horse (+15)
Juan Cruz Guevara (+6)
Juan Zavaleta (+7)
Walter Sherb (0)
TBC 2 (+2)
Balvanera (+15)
Satnam Dhillon (+6)
Malcolm Borwick (+6)
Jose De Alba (+1)
Juan Jose De Alba (+2)
Black Cats (+15)
Mark Wadhwa (0)
Richard Le Poer (+5)
Alejandro Muzzio (+7)
Hernan Muzzio (+3)
Lost Boys (+15)
Stefan Sund (0)
Nick Pepper (+4)
Chris Hyde (+6)
Jonny Good (+5)
Emlor C (+15)
Clinton McCarthy (0)
Manuel Fernandez Llorente (+6)
Marcos Araya (+7)
Harry White (+2)
DCC (+15)
TBC 2 (+2)
Juan Ambroggio (+7)
Guillermo Cuitino (+6)
Faisal Yabroudi (0)
Newlands of Stowe (+15)
Momin Sheikh (0)
Ed Hitchman (+5)
Jean Du Plessis (+6)
Juracy Santos (+4)
Montana (+15)
Tony Gerrard (0)
Andrew Blake Thomas (+3)
Manuel Plaza (+5)
Michel del Carill (+7)
Four Quarters Orange (+15)
Simon Arber (0)
Matt Lodder (+3)
Rob Archibald (+6)
Tom Morley (+6)
Shalimar (+15)
Kassem Shafi (0)
Nicolas Antinori (+4)
Hissam Ali Hyder (+6)
Vieri Antinori (+5)
Clarita Pink (+15)
Clare Mathias (0)
German Llorens (+4)
Lanto Sheridan (+4)
Tom De Bruin (+7)
Dell Park (+15)
Nikolai Bahlsen (+1)
Max Charlton (+6)
George Meyrick (+5)
Nicolas Roberts (+3)
Emlor S (+15)
Jack Mesquita (+1)
Spencer McCarthy (+2)
Santiago Gaztambide (+6)
Nacho Gonzalez (+6)

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