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Altai-Himalaya wins 10th Genghis Khan Polo Cup!

On Saturday the anniversary edition of the Genghis Khan Polo Cup at the Genghis Khan Polo Club in Mongolia successfully came to an end with Céline Louise Lawrence (GBR, -2), Johann Smula (CZE, -1), Ang Tshering Lama (NEP, -1) and D’Artagnan Giercke (GER, 1) of team Altai-Himalaya emerging as winners. In an exciting final match the foursome defeated its opponent team Yaba Daba Doo, consisting of Munkhzul Hurelbataar (MGL, -2), Russell Tyre (GBR, 0), Joe Arber (GBR, 0) and Myagmarjav Adiya (MGL, 0), by 7-5.

Before the final match, team POLO+10 with Thomas Wirth (GER, -2), Dolgorsuren Batoyun (MGL, 0), Ich Tenger Giercke (GER, 0) and Rinchen Oldokh (MGL, 0) secured victory by a narrow margin and thus gained the third place. POLO+10 won against Intrepid Polo, including Francesca Smith (GBR, 0), Hormoz Verahramian (IRN, -1), Amaglan Togtoh (MGL, -1) and Dorjpalam Battomur (MGL, 0), by 6-5. When the POLO+10 Team will be back in Germany in a few days a big photo gallery will be published on Facebook!

Ang Tshering Lama, winning team Altai-Himalaya and Club Manager at Genghis Khan Polo Club: “The Genghis Khan Polo Club enjoyed its most successful Polo Championship on its 10th anniversary this year. A total of 6 very diverse teams mixed with different nationalities came together to play a sport we all love. Thanks to POLO+10 for covering the tournament and also bringing their own team. Looking forward to a bigger and better 11th edition of the Genghis Khan Polo Cup next year.”

The POLO+10 Team now is on its way to Beijing to the Beijing Sunny Times Polo Club, where the “POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup China 2016” will be held from 12-17 October! Just like the Genghis Khan Polo Cup this tournament is also part of the POLO+10 World Tour, which takes its participants to the most beautiful and exotic polo destinations of the world.

→ For further information about the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup China please click here

#1 Altai-Himalaya (-3)
Céline Louise Lawrence (GBR, -2)
Johann Smula (CZE, -1)
Ang Tshering Lama (NEP, -1)
D’Artagnan Giercke (GER, 1)

#2 Yaba Daba Doo (-2)
Munkhzul Hurelbataar (MGL, -2)
Russell Tyre (GBR, 0)
Joe Arber (GBR, 0)
Myagmarjav Adiya (MGL, 0)

#3 POLO+10 (-2)
Thomas Wirth (GER, -2)
Dolgorsuren Batoyun (MGL, 0)
Ich Tenger Giercke (GER, 0)
Rinchen Oldokh (MGL, 0)

#4 Intrepid Polo (-2)
Francesca Smith (GBR, 0)
Hormoz Verahramian (IRN, -1)
Amaglan Togtoh (MGL, -1)
Dorjpalam Battomur (MGL, 0)

#5 Adastra Polo (-3)
Katriona Shrives (GBR, -2)
Ochiroo Battur (MGL, -1)
Sumiya Dawaadorj (MGL, -1)
Bilguun Buynjargal (MGL, 1)

#6 Genghis Khan Polo Club (-3)
Tamir (MGL, -1)
Nyamka Dovchin (MGL, -2)
Battur Tseweldorj (MGL, 0)
Byambsuren Adiya (MGL, 0)

About Genghis Khan Polo Club
In 1996 the Genghis Khan Polo Club was founded in the Orkhon valley, which is located 360 kilometres in the west of Ulan Bator – today the club is the centre of polo in Mongolia. Each year the club trains 40-50 children from Nomadic families in summer polo camps. The Genghis Khan Polo Cup is the biggest and most important tournament in Mongolia.

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