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Italian Polo Championship 2013

Winner of the prestigious Italian Polo Championship is the Milanese team The Avengers with Edoardo Ferrari (+2), Federico Ferraresi (-1) and the two brothers Alberto (+2) and Giacomo Galantino (+1). Team Swiss Corner from Rome came second place. The national competition was organized by Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports and took place at the Argentario Polo Club in Tuscany.
Together with the Italian Polo championship was held the 2013 Osteria Nobili Santi Cup. The tournament was attended by the four teams Epheso Mimosa (Milan), Enira Polo Team (Germany), La Concepcion Polo (France) and Drytech (Switzerland). In the final the teams Drytech led by Andreas Krattiger (0) and La Concepcion Polo led by Hanspeter Spek (0) fought for the title. The teams had three Argentine professional polo players that played with the highest technical level. Team Drytech won, the professional polo players Julio Coria (+4) and Federico Teves (+6) being the decisive factor.
From July 24 to 28 the polo tournaments Monte Argentario Gold Cup (+10 to +12) in its 23rd edition and the 2013 Summer Cup (+4 to +6). Ten international teams will battle for the two prestigious tournaments.

The standings:
Italian Polo Championship
1. The Avengers (+4)
Federico Ferraresi (-1)
Alberto Galantino (+2)
Giacomo Galantino (+1)
Edoardo Ferrari (+2)
2. Swiss Corner (+4)
Irene Gianni (-1)
Fabio Aacampora (0)
Oscar Carona (+2)
Goffredo Cutinelli (+3)
3. Villa a Sesta (+3)
Bahman Hadjannia (-1)
Massimo Agostini (0)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
Paolo Grillini (+2)
4. Iron Cave (+4)
Monica Ronchei (-1)
Francesco Baggio (0)
Peter Elser (+1)
Marco Antinori (+4)
Osteria dei Nobili Santi Cup
1. Drytech (+12)
Andreas Krattiger (0)
Francisco Romano (+2)
Federico Teves (+6)
Julio Coria (+4)
2. La Concepcion Polo (+11)
Hanspeter Spek (0)
Diego Braun (+4)
Ernesto Oscar Trotz (+4)
Hernan Agote (+3)
3. Epheso Mimosa (+12)
Stefania Annunziata (0)
Federico Coria (+2)
Juan Josè Storni (+5)
Juan Ruiz Guinazu (+5)
4. Enira Polo Team (+12)
Sasha Hauptmann (0)
Leon Hauptmann (0)
Joacquin Maiquez (+6)

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