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Third matchday

Even at the third matchday of the third station of the Argentina Polo Tour QBE Seguros 2013 six matches were on the schedule. There are three unbeaten teams so far: El Rosario, La Vanguardia and La Natividad.
At zone A El Rosario stays lonly unbeaten thanks to its 13-11-victory over the – to that point also unbeaten – team Saesa Laetare. Lovelocks defeated HB with 10-9. At zone B La Vanguardia also wins all their three matches: The match against La Picaza ended with a tight 14-13. La Natividad 2 sent Itanhanga out of the field with 10-7. Also unbeaten: La Natividad at zone C. With 11-10 they were ahead by a nose against Chapelco. In the second match at zone C Cabreuva befeated Los Machitos with 13-9.
The next – also six – matches will take place tomorrow, the 3rd of April 2013.

The Teams:
Zone A
El Rosario (+16)
Jose Peñafiel (+1)
Juan Isla (+4)
Santiago Zubiaurre (+4)
Valerio Zubiaurre (+7)
Lovelocks (+16)
George Hanbury (+4)
Henry Fisher (+4)
Ollie Cudmore (+5)
Will White (+3)
HB (+16)
Felipe Llorente (+3)
Ludovic Pailloncy (+2)
Ignacio Toccalino (+8)
Sebastien Pailloncy (+3)
Saesa Laetare
Juan Bosch (0)
Ignacio Acuña (+4)
Lucas Monteverde (+9)
Zona B
La Vanguardia (+16)
Willem Melchior (+1)
Felipe Martinez Ferrario (+4)
Felipe Marquez (+4)
Diego Cavanagh (+7)
La Picaza (+16)
Carlos Terrabusi (+1)
Santiago Solari (+6)
Eduardo Heguy (+8)
Fernando Ribera (+1)
Itanhanga-La Mariana (+16)
Agustin Muller (+1)
Juan Cruz Merlos (+2)
Juan Ignacio Merlos (+9)
Norberto Pinheiro (+4)
La Natividad 2 (+16)
Marcelo Frayssinet (+7)
Matias Torres Zavaleta (+6)
Ignacio Kennedy (+3)
Juan Torres (0)
Zona C
Los Machitos (+16)
Ignacio Taverna (+6)
Victorio Monteverde (+3)
Juan Pablo Ganon (+7)
Mathias Blanchon (0)
Cabreuva (+16)
Ricardo Portugal (0)
Martin Aguerre (+5)
Cali Farinati (+6)
Juan M. Obregon (+5)
La Natividad (+16)
Norberto Dabas (0)
Mariano Raigal (+3)
Eulogio Olariaga (+4)
Bartolome Castagnola (+9)
Jota Adrogue (+1)
Juan Curbelo (+6)
Diego Araya (+7)

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