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Argentine Triple Crown

Six teams are already confirmed for the Argentine Triple Crown 2016. The two long-time opponents La Dolfina and Ellerstina will start with an unchanged team line-up. The experienced quartet of Adolfo Cambiaso (10), David Stirling (10), Pablo Mac -Donough (10) and Juan Martín Nero (10) will play for La Dolfina, a team that won a historic victory in 2015 with the Triple Triple. Ellerstina will once again rely on family power with Pablo (10), Nicolás (9), Gonzalo (10) and Facundo Pieres (10).

Blood ties also unite the La Aguada Las Monjitas team as the four Novillo Astrada brothers will once again work together. Alegría will get support from the two new 10-goalers Hilario Ulloa and Sapo Caset. Team La Mariana will be making its début and the sixth team in contention is team Washington. A number of comprehensive changes to the Argentine Open, the world’s most important tournament, have just been decided. In the future there will be quarter and semi-finals in Palermo, in a similar way to the U.S. Open, which means that the tournament will be extended. Furthermore the six best teams in the Argentine Open 2016 will automatically qualify for the Argentine Open in the next year – regardless of the team handicap or team name – as long as the team maintains its line-up to 75 percent.

123° Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo HSBC
November 12th to December 10th 2016

On a total of 5 weekends!

Saturday 12 Nov.: Zone A
La Dolfina vs. Mayor Ranked Hcp. (1)
Alegría vs. Washington (2)

Sunday 13 Nov.: Zone B
Ellerstina vs. Minor Ranked Hcp. (3)
La Aguada Las Monjitas vs. La Mariana (4)

Saturday 19 Nov.: Zone A
Winner game 2 vs. Loser game 1
Winner game 1 vs. Loser game 2

Sunday 20 Nov.: Zone B
Winner game 4 vs. Loser game 3
Winner game 3 vs. Loser game 4

Tuesday 22 Nov.: Zone A
Loser game 1 vs. Loser game 2
Winner game 1 vs. Winner game 2

Wednesday 23 Nov.: Zone B
Loser game 3 vs. Loser game 4
Winner game 3 vs. Winner game 4

Saturday 26 Nov.: Quarter-Final 1
Second place Zone A vs. Third place Zone B

Sunday 27 Nov.: Quarter-Final 2
Second place Zone B vs. Third place Zone A

Saturday 3 Dec.: Semifinal 1
Winner from Zone A vs. Winner from Quarter-Final 2

Sunday 4 Dec.: Semifinal 2
Winner from Zone B vs. Winner from Quarterfinal 1

Saturday 10 Dec.: Final
Winner from Semifinal 1 vs. Winner from Semifinal 2


La Dolfina (40)
Adolfo Cambiaso (h) 10
David Stirling (h) 10
Pablo Mac Donough 10
Juan Martín Nero 10

Alegría (37)
Hilario Ulloa 10
Lucas Monteverde (h) 9
Guillermo Caset 10
Frederick Mannix (h) 8

Washington (33)
Diego Cavanagh 8
Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario 8
Facundo Sola 8
Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 9

Mayor Handicap qualifier

Ellerstina (39)
Pablo Pieres 10
Nicolás Pieres 9
Gonzalo Pieres (h) 10
Facundo Pieres 10

La Aguada Las Monjitas (35)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) 9
Miguel Novillo Astrada 9
Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9

La Mariana (35)
Agustín Merlos 9
Ignacio Toccalino 9
Ignacio Heguy 9
Santiago Toccalino 8

Minor Handicap qualifier


Meanwhile, the four formations fighting for the two vacant places for the 123rd Hurligham Open and Palermo are the following:

Chapaleufú (31)
Alberto Heguy (h) 7
Guillermo Terrera (h) 8
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade 8
Eduardo Heguy 8

La Irenita (29)
Juan Ruiz Guiñazu (h) 7
Juan M. Zavaleta (h) 7
Matías Mac Donough 8
Clemente Zavaleta (n) 7

Miramar (29)
Valerio Zubiaurre (h) 7
Cristian Laprida (h) 8
Joaquin Pittaluga 7
Ignacio Laprida 7

Las Rosas (28)
Franco Gai (h) 6
Manuel Crespo 7
Marcos Di Paola 8
Joao Paulo Ganon 7

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