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Avra Energy Handicap Classic Polo Cup 2016

The Mexican Federation and AAA Elite Polo Production conformed by Antonio Madrazo, Alexis Head and Alejandra Llano present in Mexico the first edition of the Avra Energy Handicap Classic Polo Cup 2016, which will take place at the Polo Club Ameyalco from February 9 to February 13.

The main objective, besides offering a highest level sports show, is to create a platform to encourage the participation of professional national and international players, through the tireless work of its founder Toño Madrazo, who, with over 20 years of experience, recognizes the importance that plays Mexico as a hotbed of talent professionally.

“Mexico is one of the prominent countries in the polo world for its international performance and undoubtedly, will be a meeting point for the new generations of players with high handicap.” said Toño Madrazo, founder of the Avra Energy Handicap Classic Polo Cup. “That’s why we developed the tournament, besides being one of the most exclusive and anticipated events of the year, represents a platform that is committed to provide an unparalleled sports experience with the support of the Federation and sponsors.”

The assistants of the Avra Energy Handicap Classic Polo Cup 2016 will enjoy the performance of players like Chucho Solórzano, Ernesto Trotz, Diego Solórzano, Toño Madrazo, Guillermo Steta (President of the Mexican Federation of Polo), Miguel Gómez de Parada, Victor Setién and Diego Velarde, to name few, who will compete over five days and will demonstrate their experience in the field during the final to be celebrate on Saturday February 13.

During the tournament, will be given a recognition to the Argentine player Ernesto Trotz, special guest of the Mexican Federation of Polo, to publicize his career within the sport. Ernesto is known for its long history and excellent performance throughout his career. Some of his most outstanding achievements are the Argentine Polo Open five times, Deauville Gold Cup in France, the CV Witney Cup in Fort Lauderdale in the United States and winner of the Olimpia de Plata among many other cups that has joined throughout his career.

This time the tournament will feature the participation of “Iluminemos de Azul”, Civil Association nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness to educate and inspire the society about what is autism through an auction of a polo equipment which will be donated by players.

For more knowledge about the activities offered by the Avra Energy Handicap Classic Polo Cup 2016 please refer to the website and which will remain constantly update with all the latest details of the tournament.

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