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Polo action in Mallorca

Photos: Valeria Cetraro / Valerie Crasemann

The fourth edition of the Copa de Pascua at the Barralina Polo Club in Mallorca was completed by an exciting final. The participating teams fought for the coveted trophy, while the sun was shining brightly. In the end team Barralina, consisting of Daniel Crasemann (0), Niclas Sandweg (+1), Caesar Crasemann (+2) and Adrian Laplacette (+6), became winner of the tournament. Team Tom Tailor, including Christopher Kirsch (+3) and Gastón Maíquez (+6) as well as Uwe Schröder (0) and his daughter Naomi Schröder (0), was placed second. Third place went to Reinhold Hoffmann (0), Bernhard Schurzmann (0), Cristobal Durrieu (+4) und Tim Ward (+4) of team Team Vernisseta. Adrian Laplacette of the winning team was presented with the award for Most Valuable Player. For the period of three weekends, a total of six teams had competed against each other on the Balearic island.

Daniel Crasemann, organiser of the Copa de Pascua, offers a positive summary of the tournament and is already making plans for the next year: “The fourth edition of the Copa de Pascua was the most successful and biggest edition until now, for the first time six teams participated in the tournament. The spirit of polo in Mallorca is “laughing” polo. Far away from the many political and overambitious topics, which are in the centre of things in the North of Europe, a very friendly and classic polo is being played in Mallorca. I am very happy that the atmosphere during the tournament as well as during the asados and the dinner on the beach had this spirit. The tournament primarily serves the purpose to train the horses for the season. Of course it was a real challenge to provide professional lodging for 120 horses and all the grooms, but everything was in good working order. And the event was a good final rehearsal for our exciting 12-goal tournament taking place in August. By that time our second pitch will be completed, leading to an even tougher competition. There will be definitely a fifth edition of the Copa de Pascua in 2016. And next year there will also be two additional huge fincas including new pitches, so my old vision to turn Mallorca into an very sportive, attractive and most of all easily accessible polo island, more and more becomes reality.”

If you want to learn more about the latest developments concerning the sport of polo in Mallorca, please click here: → Polo Mallorca

#1 Barralina (+9)

Daniel Crasemann (0)
Niclas Sandweg (+1)
Caesar Crasemann (+2)
Adrian Laplacette (+6)

#2 Tom Tailor (+9)
Naomi Schröder (0)
Uwe Schröder (0)
Christopher Kirsch (+3)
Gastón Maíquez (+6)

#3 Vernisseta (+8)
Reinhold Hoffmann (0)
Bernhard Schurzmann (0)
Cristobal Durrieu (+4)
Tim Ward (+4)

#4 Tomilina (+9)
Matthias Grau (0)
Tahnee Schröder (0)
Caspar Crasemann (+3)
Santos Anca (+6)

#5 The Emerging (+8)
Paul Burrus (0)
Sacha Pictet (+1)
Luis Barreto (+2)
Pierre Henri Ngoumou (+5)

#6 Engel & Völkers (+9)
Christian Völkers (0)
Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein (+1)
Lukas Sdrenka (+2)
Jack Richardson (+6)

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