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Viareggio Polo Beach Cup 2013

Starting today and continuing until October 13th, the Viareggio Polo Beach Cup returns to the beach of the Italian city Viareggio, situated in the northwest at the Tuscan coast. Seven teams will compete over four days to make it to the finals. In addition to the sandy polo matches the spectators awaits a varied supporting programme. On Saturday morning a horse and Aston Martin’s cars parade will take place near the beach and after the matches there will be a Polo Beach Cocktail and Equestrian Art show. The day ends with a Polo Gala Dinner at the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte. Sunday begins with the Viareggio Racing Cup at 11.00 am, at 2.00 pm the final matches take place, followed by the award ceremony on the playing field at the beach.

The teams:
Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte (+3)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
Stefano Pisa di Monterosa (+1)
Fabio Acampora (0)
Hotel Esplanade (+1)
Goffredo Cutinelli (+3)
Irene Gianni (-1)
Giordano Magini (-1)
Aston Martin Italy (+3)
Maria Ranieri Passalacqua (0)
Boris Bignoli (0)
Marcos Pedro Bignoli (+3)
Guiseppe Partini (0)
Sina Hotel (+3)
Uwe Zimmermann (+1)
Piero Dillier (0)
Philipp Zimmermann (0)
Paolo Santambrogio (+2)
Gancia (+5)
Alberto Galantino (+2)
Giacomo Galantino (+2)
Matias Bertola (+1)
Fipa Group (+4)
Stefania Annunziata (0)
Federico Coria (+2)
Pulli Grillini (+2)
Viareggio Versilia Congressi (+4)
Luca d’Orazio (+1)
Fabrizio Bulgarini (+2)
Filippo Breccia (+1)

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