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Beach Tourism in San Roque

The San Roque beaches are situated in the west of the Costa del Sol and have all the perfect conditions to be among the main Andalucía destinations for beach tourism. One of the conditions is that the sun in San Roque shines 300 days a year (more than 3.000 hours), and the average yearly temperature is 20°C. The climate is ideal to enjoy all the advantages the area offers: mild winters and warm summers. Another reason to enjoy beaches in San Roque, is the seawater quality. To all that can be added the outstanding facilities, and one of the most effective coastguard organization, providing maximum safety for the swimmers and visitors. The municipality has, in total, 15 kilometres of almost virgin beaches, and has a Blue Flag recognition in two of them, Cala Sardina and Torreguadiaro.

Cala Sardina is also known as Playa El Cabrero o Cala Taraje, it is a virgin beach with dark sands. It is accessible both by car or walking, and for disabled people. Its waters are very tranquil. Torreguadiaro, the other recognized beach, also known as Playa de las Conchas, is a dark sandy beach of approximately 1 km and a half long. It is situated in the town of Torreguadiaro, perfectly accessible by car or walking from Torreguadiaro or the Sotogrande Pier. There are several restaurants and food stands to enjoy the best Spanish seafood, and nearby, you can find the Sporting Port of Sotogrande, and two vigilant towers oft he XVI century.

Another beaches not to be missed are the Puerto Sotogrande, an urban beach with several bars and restaurants; the large Sotogrande beach, near the luxurious town of Sotogrande Costa, including the beach club El Cucurucho; Alcaidesa, an almost virgin beach with a beautiful ancient lighthouse, and a golf club nearby.

You can also find the Campamento beach, with a great offer of bars and restaurants, Puente Mayorga, and Guardarranque, a semi-urban beach with natural sand dunes, situated nearby the Archeological Ruins of Carteia (700 a. C.).

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