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BMW Polo Masters Courchevel

The most recent addition to the BMW Polo Masters Tour is Courchevel. This will be the third tournament, and will be battled out from January 31st – February 3rd, 2013, bringing the French snow polo season to an end. The exclusive winter sports area in the French Alps is part of the largest continuous skiing region in the world and celebrities who come here to enjoy their winter holidays include Prince William & Kate Middleton, the Beckhams, Christina Aguilera, Geri Halliwell, Lionel Richie, the Saudi royal family, Robbie Williams, Roman Abramovich, George Clooney and Giorgio Armani.

The playing field for the snow polo tournament is at an elevation of over 2,000 metres on the Altiport, which will be familiar from the James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, and face to face with Mont Blanc. This makes Courchevel the highest-altitude snow polo tournament in the world. The highlights of the BMW Polo Masters Tour, of which the Polo Masters in St. Tropez Polo Club in July is also part, include not only the matches themselves, but also the popular team parades through the centres of Val d’Isère, Megève and Courchevel and the polo parties, especially the huge, glittering event on Friday, January 25th, 2013, in Megève.

The Teams:
Equipe Julian Joaillier (+7)
Edouard / Cyrille Costes (0)
Clément Grosse (+2)
Brieuc Rigaux (+5)
Equipe BMW (+7)
Mark Hänni (0)
Simon Luginbühl (+2)
Pedro Fernandez Llorente (+5)
Equipe Maison Tournier (+8)
Laurent Dassault (0)
Matthieu Delfosse (+4)
Patrick Paillol (+4)
Equipe Scapa (+8)
Michael Redding (+2)
Ian Gallienne (0)
Christian Bernal (+6)

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