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Derby Polo Tente d’Or 2013

From August 3 to 11, the 2013 Derby Polo Tente d’Or will take place at the Brittany Polo Club in France. Eleven teams divided in two leagues participate in the tournament. In the opening match the teams Logistic Solutions and Grange Martin Diables Rouges will meet. Both final matches of the leagues +2 to +4 and +6 to +8 will be hold on Sunday, August 11.

The teams:
League +2 to +4
Group A
Logistic Solutions (+2)
Gilles Peureux (-1)
Norbert Janvier (-1)
Flavien Pécatte (+3)
Grange Martin Diables Rouges (+4)
Sandrine Gontier (0)
Jean-Luc Auclair (0)
Julien Reynes (+2)
Laurent Doumergue (+2)
MaCha Polo (+4)
Pascal Genest / Gérard Bonvicini (0)
Grégoire Genest (-1)
Gustavo Cappellari (+4)
Jules Legoubin (+1)
Group B
Hong Kong Polo Team (+4)
Raphaël le Masne (0)
Gilles Soubeiran (-1)
Jérôme Anier (+3)
Clément Toussaint (+2)
Hecla / Mc Leod (+3)
Fredericka D. Tellier (-1)
Matthieu Simon-Blavier (-1)
Thierry Vétois (+4)
Louis D. Tellier (+1)
IC Polo (-2)
Thomas Rolland (-2)
Laurent Poirier (0)
Mariano Lopez (+3)
Olivier Rolland (+1)
League +6 to +8
Brittany (+8)
Louise Mayer (+1)
Hugo Amaya (+2)
Thierry Vetois (+4)
Jean-François Decaux (+1)
Hecla / McLeod (+8)
Fredericka D. Tellier / Matthieu Simon-Blavier (-1)
Mariano Lopez (+3)
Jérôme Anier (+3)
Gaëtan Charloux (+3)
French Kiss (+7)
Gerard Bonvicini (0)
Pascal Genest (-1)
Brieuc Rigaux (+5)
Gaëtan Gosset (+3)
Kermine (+8)
Olivier Kerdiles (-1)
Olivier Grall (+2)
Matthieu Delfosse (+4)
Ramiro Zavaletta (+3)
IC Polo (+8)
Bruno Rolland (0)
Frédéric Rolland (+1)
Clément Delfosse (+4)
Flavien Pécatte (+3)

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