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Bucherer High Goal Cup 2013

Eight international teams – as many as never before – will compete against each other at the forthcoming weekend from May 31st to June 2nd at the Bucherer High Goal Cup, which takes place at Gut Aspern.
Christopher Kirsch (+4), host and polo player: “We are especially happy about this large participation, as this great interest not only shows that Gut Aspern is a very good address in the world of polo, but also that this High Goal tournament is particularly appealing for the top players. Again we will provide two excellent polo fields in which we invested a lot of care over the last weeks and months. The huge effort we put into the facility justifies the confidence of the teams, who will appear here so numerously.”
2012 was the premiere of the Bucherer High Goal Cup. Bucherer, one of the most important sponsors of German polo, launched the tournament together with Christopher Kirsch. Now Land Rover decided to accompany both as a new partner. Along with Land Rover the famous German actor Heino Ferch and his wife Marie-Jeanette take on the long journey to Northern Germany.
With its first-rate polo fields, its top-class tournaments and a polo academy with a HPA Instructor, Gut Aspern, owned by Christopher Kirsch, is one of the best addresses of polo in Germany.

The Teams:
Bucherer (+10)
Robert Lindner (+2)
Peter-Phillip Kienast (+1)
Christopher Kirsch (+4)
Patricio Llalor (+3)
Tom Tailor I (+10)
Eduardo Anca (+6)
Uwe Schröder (0)
N. N.
Hugo Iturraspe (+4)
Donner & Reuschel (+10)
Christian Grimme (0)
Lukas Sdrenka (+1)
Gastón Maíquez (+7)
Luciano D. Vazquez (+2)
Tom Tailer II (+10)
Tahnee Schröder (0)
Naomi Schröder (0)
Santos Anca (+6)
Christobal José Durrieu (+4)
Columbia Hotel (+10)
Federico Heinemann (+2)
Sven Schneider (+3)
Christopher Winter (+3)
Oliver Winter (+2)
Parfümerie Kaland (+9)
Caesar Crasemann (+1)
Heinrich Dumrath (+3)
Caspar Crasemann (+2)
Moritz Gädeke (+3)
Lanson (+10)
Matthias Grau (0)
Eva Brühl (+2)
Thomas Winter (+5)
Tim Ward (+3)
Land Rover (+9)
Marie-Jeanette Ferch (0)
Heino Ferch (0)
Johnny Good (+5)
Tarquin Southwell (+4)

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