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Wiessner Immobilien wins in Berlin

From 20th to 22nd September, the last edition of the German Polo Tour 2013, the Bucherer Polo Cup hosted and organized by one of Germany’s most renowned players, Christopher Kirsch (+4), took place in the beautiful Hoppegarten, located on the outskirts of Berlin.
After a muddy Friday, where the teams Bucherer, Lafina, Tom Tailor, Infiniti Berlin, Wiesener Immobien and Lanson, fought under the pouring rain, finally team Bucherer defeated Lafina for 7-5, Tom Tailor prevailed over Wiessner Immobilien for 6-5, and Lanson won 5,5-4 against Infiniti Berlin.
On the lovely sunny afternoon of Saturday, a few polo fans started showing up, the environment was mainly conformed by the polo players’ families and the atmosphere very relaxed- it was a perfect day to be on the sidelines. The finalists were defined: teams Lanson and Infiniti Berlin would fight for the 3rd and 4th place, and finalists were teams Tom Tailor and Wissener Immobilien, the last one had surprisingly recovered from their defeat against Tom Tailor on Friday, with an absolute victory over Bucherer for 6,5-3 on this second day.
Finally, Sunday arrived. With the sky covered by clouds, the VIP area was full, tastefully organized and the audience was anxious for the final results. Jan-Erik Franck was, as always present, commenting the game, and entertaining the audience with his witty personality and sharp sense of humour. The finals between Tom Tailor and Wiessner Immobilien were simply thrilling and kept the audience completely hypnotized, specially in the last chukker. When the bell rang, we could hear the victory screams from Wiessner Immobilien team who prevailed over Tom Tailor for a close 6-5: they were ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to get on top of the podium to celebrate.

The teams:
Wiessner Immobilien (+5)
Andreas Golling (-1)
Beate Pfister-Leibold (-1)
Raphael Oliveira (+4)
Nicolas Ruiz Guinazu (+3)
Tom Tailor (+5)
Cornelia Anders (-1)
Ingo von Morgenstern (-1)
Cristobal José Durrieu (+4)
Joaquin Copello (+3)
Bucherer (+6)
Dominik Carlos Velázquez (+2)
Alberto Comenge (0)
Christopher Kirsch (+4)
Andreas Walther (0)
Infiniti Berlin (+6)
Marion Grunow (0)
Nico Wollenberg (+1)
Mark Pantenburg (+1)
Marcello Tuky Caivano (+4)
Lanson (+5)
René Kleinlugtenbelt (-1)
Alexandra Plenk (0)
Patrick Maleitzke (+3)
Nicolas Fuente López (+3)
Lafina (+5)
Thomas Strunck (0)
Christian Jarck (0)
Héctor Alcides Alvarez (+3)
Alexander Schwarz (+2)

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