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Capital Park wins again

At this year’s Bukovina Polo Snow Masters in the Polish Tatra ski resort of Bukowina Tatrzanska, team Capital Park has emerged victorious once again. In the final, Nick Motz, Wojtek Nowakowski and Maciek Olbrych defeated team Bastylia with Kinga Nowakowska, Pawel Olbrych and Anna Maria Czekaj, sharing position with Marianna Olbrych. Third place went to team Blue Jet with Alex King, Marcin Kondrat and Tomasz Krowicki. Team Mazda was placed fourth.

Most of the Snow Polo tournaments advertise proudly the high handicaps of attending teams and players. In Bukowina Tatrzańska, on the polish side of Tatra Mountains things are exactly the other way round. Since its beginning, back in 2007 (played in nearby Zakopane then) the idea was to organize a snow polo event with all the glamour, quality crowds and prestigious sponsorhip but for amateurs only, The “Gentlemen Only” fomula paid off (actually this year it would apply better to name it Ladies and Gentlemen Only) and people behind the steering wheel proudly claim – yes, we are running probably the lowest HCP snow polo tournament worldwide and we are happy to give to our players, members guests and sponsors an opportunity to enjoy fun polo played between friends. On top of that all players, and sponsors guests are offered nice holiday package. Thermal baths, nearby ski slopes, luxury Bukovina Hotel and polo – what else is needed to spend a long holiday fairy tale vacation.

Pawel Olbrych, the chairman of the Organization committee comments: “We have been extremely lucky with the weather. Week before it was +10 and all green , one week later the forecast is the same, while during our event we had handsome – 3, sunny. We do hope the mildest winter ever would not happen again for we are having ambitious plans for next season – we would like to run for sure at least two, and who knows maybe three events week after week to cover three polish winter holiday resorts – we have two locations confirmed, looking for third one. Therefore our “masters” would become “tour” or “circuit”. The message to all polo amateur players is – come to Poland to play snow polo and enjoy winter holiday at affordable rate.”

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