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Cedar Croft claims title for second year in a row

Cedar Croft, including Kris Kampsen (+7), Felipe Viana (+6) and Robert Ceparano (+2), is the winning team of the 2014 U.S. Open Arena Polo Championship and claimed the title for the second year in a row. In the final the foursome defeated the challengers of team $D, consisting of Tommy Biddle (+10), Will Tankard (+4) and Dan Coleman (+1). The championship was held at the Country Farms Polo Club in Medford, NY.

Both teams presented a neck-and-neck race to the spectators during the final match. At the end of the first chukka, Cedar Croft was in the lead by 3-1. But $D kept up with their opponent and the second chukka came to an end with a 5-5 draw. A lengthy halftime brought the game into the night as the lights were turned on casting a bright glow into the arena. The polo players returned to the freshly dragged sand and right at the beginning of the third chukka team $D took the lead with Tommy Biddle and Dan Coleman scoring the goals, 7-5. But at the end of the third chukka Cedar Croft levelled up once again to 7-7. In the fourth and final chukka, $D did not make it easy for Cedar Croft, but finally Cedar Croft won with a narrow margin, 11-10.

Robert Ceparano, who played a key factor in the win, was awarded Most Valuable Player. “It’s an honours just to be playing among some of the world’s best arena players like Biddle and Kampsen; and representing the local and polo community of Long Island with this award, makes this moment that much sweeter.”

Although the 10-goal phenomenon Tommy Biddle was unable to reclaim the National title that was stolen from him last year, he rode away with Best Playing Pony honours with Mancha played in the second chukka.

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