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Concentrated polo power at Sotogrande

Sotogrande celebrates its champions in low and medium goal. The first title in medium goal of the 41st Torneo Internacional BMW de Polo goes to Team Sevens Sevens this year. With a 10:7 Voiznanov, Iturraspe, Espain and Welsh saved the “Copa de Bronce“ against Team Marqués de Riscal.

A rushing kings match for the Copa de Bronce in low goal had been played only a few days later the equally strong teams Silex and Bisontes. At the end Team Silex around Espinosa de los Monteros (+2) and Torreguitar (+3) was the stronger team, winning the winners trophy with a score of 10,5:8.

Today the teams Lechuza and Scapa square off as well as the teams Dos Lunas Hublot and Ayala in high goal to reach the semifinal of the “Copa de Plata“.

The semifinal in high goal starts on Thursday at Santa María Polo Club , the biggest polo club in Europe.

Ranking – Copa de Bronce (medium goal) 2012:
1. Sevens Sevens (+12)
D. Voizanov (0)
M. Iturraspe (+5)
N. Espain (+7)
L. Welsh (0)
2. Marqués de Riscal (+11)
L. Aznar (0)
P. Berazadi (+3)
M. Crespo (+7)
A. Aznar (+1)
3. Sapphire/Esp. (+11)
K. Korst (+2)
J. Greguoli (+4)
R. G. Dagna (+4)
L. Isola (+1)
4. Santa Quiteria (+12)
J. Entrecanales (+2)
N. R. Guiñazu (+3)
P. Soria (+5)
G. Entrecanales (+2)
5. Bayswater London Gin / John Smith (+12)
P. Mora (+1)
R. Trwillo (+3)
T. F. Llorente (+7)
G. Aguirre (+1)
6. Woodchester Los Dragones (+11)
A. Nulty (0)
M. Gomez (+4)
S. Cernadas (+6)
C. Mckinney (+1)

Ranking – Copa de Bronce (low goal) 2012:
1. Silex (+5)
R. Fagan (+1)
J. Simo (0)
S. Torreguitar (+3)
Y. Espinosa (+1)
2. Bisontes (+6)
J. Carabasa (0)
L. A. de Borbon (0)
S. Moyano (+4)
Puebla (+2)
3. Capial (+6)
I. Gonzalo (0)
C. Piñal (+1)
D. Gallego (+4)
J. Peat (+1)
4. El Castañar (+6)
D. Entrecanales (0)
F. Serra (0)
M. F. Llanos (+4)
G. Gomez (+2)
5. El Fortin (+6)
R. Mettern (0)
N. Johnson (+2)
M. Malacalza (+4)
K. Shakib (0)
6. Indios Charruas (+6)
K. Calleja (0)
D. Gariador (+3)
T. Bown (+3)
P. Knights (0)

The Teams – Copa de Plata (high goal) 2012:
Lechuza Caracas (+20)
V. Vargas (+1)
S. Stirling (+3)
J. M. Nero (+10)
A. Taranco (+6)
HB Polo (+20)
L. Pailoncy (+2)
S. Pailoncy (+3)
I. Toccalino (+8)
A. Muzzio (+7)
Dos Lunas Hublot (+20)
L. Domecq (+1)
P. S. de Vicuña (+6)
D. Cavanagh (+7)
R. Rueda (+6)
Kaptive Leones (+20)
P. Fernandini (0)
G. Hanbury (+5)
A. Merlos (+9)
M. Borwick (+6)
Las Monjitas (+20)
C. Bautista (0)
P. Berazadi (+3)
E. Novillo (+9)
A. Novillo (+8)
Ayala Polo (+20)
I. Zobel (0)
S. Laborde (+5)
L. James (+8)
I. Duplessis (+7)
Scapa (+20)
M. Redding (+1)
F. Elizalde (+6)
M. Di Paola (+8)
J. Cavanagh (+5)

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