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Team Monterrey / Porsche wins in Mexico

Juan Jose de Alba (+2), Guillermo “Memo” Gracida (+6), Rodrigo Fernandez (+2) and Alvaro Fernandez (0) of team Monterrey / Porsche are the winners of the 2014 Copa Agua Alta. In the final against team Mexico / Costa Alegre with Guillermo Steta (+1), Diego Velarde (+3), Miguel Gomez de Parada (+3) and Carlos Hernandez (+3) they held the upper hand and in the end received the coveted trophy. Alberico Ardissone (0), Manuel Matos (+1), Pelayo Berazadi (+4) and Guillermo Li (+5) of team Panyc were placed third. A total of six teams with an international line-up started in the 10-goal league.

Rodrigo Fernandez (+1), Agusto Sola / Ignacio Sola (0), Meghan McCalip (-1) and Juan Jose de Alba (+2) of team Argentina II were the winners of the 4-goal league. The second placed team was Mexico II with Diego Velarde (+3), Pepe Valdes (+1), Billy Steta (+1) and Nacho Cuberos (-1).

The junior tournament which starts today is the conclusion of the Copa Agua Alta. Until April 24th the young talents can demonstrate their skills.

The Copa Agua Alta is one of the most important polo tournaments in Mexico and is played as part of the Costa Careyes Polo Festival. After the Copa Agua Alta has finished the Costa Careyes Polo Festival continues with the Copa de Oro from April 24th to 26th. The two-day tournament will be played in the league 16 to 18-goals and is one of the highlights of the Mexican polo sport as well.

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The standings:
League 8 to 10-goals:

1. Monterrey / Porsche (+10)
Rodrigo Fernandez (+2, MEX)
Juan Jose de Alba (+2, MEX)
Guillermo „Memo“ Gracida (+6, MEX)
Alberto Fernández (0, MEX)

2. Mexico / Costalegre (+10)
Guillermo Steta (+1, MEX)
Diego Velarde (+3, MEX)
Miguel Gomez de Parada (+3, MEX)
Carlitos Hernandez (+3, MEX)

3. Italy / Panyc (+10)
Alberico Ardissone (0, ITA)
Manuel Matos (+1, POR)
Pelayo Berazadi (+4, ESP)
Guillermo Li (+5, PERU)

4. Careyes (+10)
Rodolfo Ramos (0, MEX)
Giorgio Brignone (+1, MEX)
Pancho Aguilar (+4, MEX)
Valerio Aguilar (+5, MEX)

5. Argentina / Canada (+9)
Andrea Vianini (+6, ARG)
Hugo Villalobos (+1, MEX)
Salvador Briones (+2, MEX)
Roger Girard (0, CAN) / Luis Miguiel Basaguren (0, MEX)

6. Switzerland / Aeromar (+8)
Cedric Schweri (0, CH)
Chris Falk (+2, USA)
Juan Curbelo (+5, URU)
Will Falk (+1, USA)

League 4-goals:
1. Argentina / Agua Baja (+3)

Rodrigo Fernandez (+1)
Agusto Sola / Ignacio Sola (0)
Meghan McCalip (-1)
Juan Jose de Alba (+2)

2. Mexico / Costalegre (+4)
Diego Velarde (+3)
Pepe Valdes (+1)
Billy Steta (+1)
Nacho Cuberos (-1)

3. Mexico / Queretaro (+4)
Miguel Gomez de Parada (+3)
Juan Carlos Galan (+1)
Ricardo Astudillo (0)
Carlos Astudillo (0)

4. USA / Emilia Castillo (0)
Jimmy Grebeler (0)
George Sandhu (-1)
Jeff Leeper (-1)
Luis Perez (+2)

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