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Huge Success for Small Polistas

On 11th December, the Copa Novillitos was held once again at La Aguada Polo Club, with kids and youths from 8-14 years old participating in the junior tournament. The polo stars of the future had a lot of fun playing polo with their friends and they enjoyed a great day at the polo estancia of the family Astrada.

In the younger kids’ division (8 years-old), Fermín Prado, Miguel Novillo Astrada Jr., Marcos Solari und Gerónimo Gallo Terrera of team La Aguada won the first place.

In the division of the 9 to 11 years-olds, Ignacio Rivarola, Hilario Ruiz Guiñazu, Felipe Bargallo and Blas Ballester of team Las Betulas were successful. They defeated team La Mariana by 4-2. Ignacio Rivarola was named Most Valuable Player. The Fair Play Award was awarded to Olivia Merlos.

In the highest division of 12 to 14 years-olds, Santino Magrini, Mia Novillo Astrada, Tomás Delfino and Cruz Uranga of team Las Monjitas won against team La Aguada by 3-2 and made it to the top of the winner’s podium. Javier Guerrero was honoured Most Valuable Player, the Fair Play Award was given to Tomás Gorosito.


1. Las Monjitas
Santino Magrini
Mia Novillo Astrada
Tomás Delfino
Cruz Uranga

2. La Aguada
Javier Guerrero
Manuel Novillo Astrada
Nicolás Diaz Alberdi
Javier Uranga

3. La Tapera
Felix Esain
Nikita van Gils
Tomás Gorosito
Benjamin Bargallo

4. Las Alazanas
Miguel Uranga
Ciro Eleno
Félix Uranga
Marcos Uranga


1. Las Betulas
Ignacio Rivarola
Hilario Ruiz Guiñazu
Felipe Bargallo
Blas Ballester

2. La Mariana
Matias Uranga
Kristos Magrini
Santos Merlos
Olivia Merlos

3. La Campana
Alfonso Esain
Marcos Rivarola
Joaquin Bosch
Matias Pistone

4. La Aguada
Juan Guerrero
Simón Novillo Astrada
Santos Solari
Carlos Guillani


1. La Aguada
Fermín Prado
Miguel Novillo Astrada Jr.
Marcos Solari
Gerónimo Gallo Terrera

2. Las Betulas
Custodio Eleno
Paco de Narvaez
Don Uranga
Santos Novillo Astrada

3. Tortugas
Pepo Agote
Juan Carlos Benedit
Rufino Merlos
Lucio Uranga

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