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Copa República Argentina 2014

Today starts the 2014 Copa República Argentina in Argentina. Until April 5th sixteen teams will compete against each other in four groups, locations are Pilar and the Catedral del Polo in Palermo. What is special about this tournament: there is no handicap limit, it allows everything from 0 to 40 goals. The tournament takes place for the 86th time.

The opening match in Palermo starts at 1pm (local time) with teams Las Rosas and La Violeta, followed by an encounter between Indios Chapaleufú II against Coronel Suárez. In Pilar the matches start with La Mancha against La Baguala, afterwards La Alegría meets Aguará Guazú. The finals of the Copa República Argentina, as well as the Subsidiaries Copa Canadá and Copa Diario La Nación, will be held at the Catedral del Polo in Palermo on Saturday April 5th.

The tournament was established in 1929 by Francisco Ceballos, President of the Argentine Polo Association, under the name of Campeonato Nacional con Handicap. It allows players from inside the country, many of them little known, to play alongside more experienced players and to improve their skills. In the past year, team La Bamba de Areco took home the winner’s cup.

The teams:
Zone A
Las Rosas (Circuito Noreste) (+23)
Tomás Garbarini Islas (+4)
Franco Gai (+5)
Tomas Pieres (+7)
Salvador Ulloa (+7)

Indios Chapaleufú II Loveclock (Circuito La Pampa) (+21)
Scott Luard (0)
Charlie Hanbury (+5)
Guillermo Terrera (+8)
Eduardo Heguy (+8)

Coronel Suárez (Circuito Coronel Suárez) (+13)
Ricardo Garrós (0)
Santiago Araya (+3)
Ricardo Garrós (+5)
Santiago Araya (+5)

La Violeta Ogai Pora Bressan Consignaciones (Circuito Litoral Sur) (+11)
Agustín Burgos (+2)
Guillermo Burgos (+2)
Tomás Uriburu (+3)
Gregorio Gelosi (+4)

Zone B
La Herradura de Pinamar Patagones (Circuito Sudeste) (+22)
Gonzalo Avendaño (+2)
Joaquín Pittaluga (+7)
Ignacio Negri (+6)
Valerio Zubiaurre (+7)

La Natividad (Circuito Cañuelas) (+22)
Ramiro Garros (+6)
Alberto Heguy (+7)
Gastón Giovanelli (0)
Bartolomé Castagnola (+9)

Trenque Lauquen Ganly Bar (Circuito Centro Sur) (+13)
Tomás James (+1)
Ignacio Deltour (+4)
Juan Jauretche (+5)
Matías Logioco (+3)

Pompeya La Higuerita (Circuito Centro) (+12)
Francisco Pizarro (+3)
Mariano Martínez Pizarro (+3)
Ricardo Furno (+3)
Juan Jose Liprandi (+3)

Zone C
La Bamba de Areco (Circuito Centro Norte) (+28)
Pascual Saenz De Vicuña (+6)
Diego Cavanagh (+8)
Alejandro Agote (+8)
Rodrigo Rueda (+6)

La Picaza Chapelco (Circuito Porteño) (+20)
Juan Cruz Adrogue (+1)
Marcos Araya (+6)
Santaigo Solari (+6)
Diego Araya (+7)

El Desafio (Circuito Cordillera) (+19)
John Muse (0)
Gonzalo Von Wernick (+7)
Lucas James (+8)
Bautista Sorzana (+4)

Club Hípico Gualeguaychú (Circuito Litoral Norte) (+11)
Mateo Veronesi (+2)
Salvador Veronesi (+2)
Manuel Veronesi (+2)
Agustín Von Wernick (+5)

Zone D
La Mancha (Circuito Porteño) (+24)
Lucas Díaz Alberdi (+4)
Bautista Bayugar (+5)
Alejandro Díaz Alberdi (+7)
Jaime García Huidobro (+8)

La Alegría de Lobos (Circuito Este) (+21)
Andres Laplacette (+5)
Lucas Torales (+5)
Adrian Laplacette (+5)
Carlos Solari (+6)

Aguara Guazú (Circuito Litoral Norte) (+21)
Jeremy Baker (+1)
Julio Novillo Astrada (+7)
Silvestre Donovan (+7)
Santiago de Estrada (+6)

La Baguala (Circuito Norte) (+12)
Martín Tassara (+6)
Alejandro Bleckwedel (+2)
Bernardo Pastorino (+1)
Marcelo Paz (+3)

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