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Copenhagen Polo Open 2013

Premiere: From June 22nd to 23rd Denmark’s first polo tournament will take place in Copenhagen. Four teams with an international line-up and handicaps from +7 to +10 will attend the Copenhagen Polo Open at Fælledparken, Copenhagen’s biggest park.
Polo is still a very young sport in Denmark. Until now no polo club existed in the whole country and the Danish Polistas had to go on foreign travel to attend tournaments and polo schools. Louise Sandberg, organiser of the Copenhagen Polo Open: “I was born in Denmark, but grew up mostly in Windsor, Berkshire, where I was mad about polo. Whenever I visited my family in Denmark I wondered why nobody was playing polo here. After all, a lot of people in Denmark enjoy riding and there’s no shortage of flat land. So my business partner Jacob Klingert Jacobsen and I decided three years ago to make history by founding Denmark’s first polo club and hosting its first polo tournament.”
No sooner said than done. On the night of 13th on the 14th November a group of polo enthusiasts headed by Louise Sandberg, Jacob Klingert Jacobsen and Christian Mellentin founded Denmark’s First Polo Association. 20 minutes off Copenhagen the Danes are starting now a small club with their own horses and equipment at Scandinavia’s biggest horse centre.
The Copenhagen Polo Open are a big step forward. But there a still a few challenges to be overcome before polo can really get established in Denmark. Louise Sandberg: „There is no tradition of playing polo in Denmark. So we’re having to create one. The Danes love team sport. Furthermore we are a nation of horsemen. This combination can only mean one thing – Polo! Let’s make history! Polo in Denmark has big plans.

The Teams:
Maserati Team Copenhagen (+10)
Leah Hamdan (0)
Mat Lodder (+4)
Ryan Pemble (+6)
Care Service Team Oslo (+7)
Nicholas May (+2)
Thea Musaeus (0)
Casimir Gross (+5)
Rossini Caviar Team Stockholm (+7)
Per Jacobsson (+1)
Niclas Johansson (+1)
Santiago Shananhan (+5)
Shamballa Jewels Team London (+9)
Michael Husted (+1)
Greg Greening (+1)
Ross Ainsley (+7)

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