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The Polo New Generation won the Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. 2015

The Argentario Polo Club Polo season 2015 ended with the International Polo tournament Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. 2015, in its VIII° edition, organized in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports. After two weeks of matches where nine fierce teams fought for the title, two teams have excelled above all: La Celina, led by Christoph Kerres from Austria and La Mimosa Epheso, led by Edoardo Ferrari from Milan.

In the final match, after a first phase of study, the compactness, the balance and the teamwork has awarded the team from Milan. The team, composed by four players that together do not reach the age of 80, with the speed, brilliance and youthful enthusiasm , got the better of its opponents. The polo new generation found one’s way to the audience’s heart and left a good impression to Mr Alessandro Giachetti, the Responsible of Polo Department, who attended the event. Under the Monte Argentario beautiful sunset, the teams celebrated with the prize giving and an aperitif with local products. We thanks the “Manciano Dairy” and the “ Santa Lucia Winery”.

Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. 2015
#1 La Mimosa Epheso (+5)
Alice Coria (-1)
Teo Von Neuforge (+2)
Thomas Luchessa (+2)
Edoardo Ferrari (+2)

#2 La Celina (+6)
Natalia Corrales Diez
Christoph Kerres
Octavio Olmedo
Felix Beguerie (+4)

#3 Argentario Polo Club (+6)
Lucas Bertola (-1)
Matias Bertola (+1)
Giacomno Galantino (+1)
Santiago Loza (+5)

#4 Lazio Polo Team (+6)
Ginevra D Orazio (0)
Wolfram Trudo Knoefel (-1)
Agustin Kronhaus (+3)
Juan Ruiz Guinazu (+4)

Coppa Comune Di Monte Argentario
#1 Los Avellanos (+6)
Giulio Franco Turati (-1)
Paolo Grillini (+2)
Oscar Carona (+2)
Martin Joaquin (+3)

#2 La Nuova Poncia (+6)
Denis Venturato (-1)
Diego Bissaro (+1)
Alberto Galantino (+2)
Oscar Colombres (+4)

#3 Cassiopeia – MSG (+5)
Robert Szucs (0)
Polina Nazarova (+1)
Cesar Mino (+1)
Fernando Mino (+3)

#4 Ibiza Polo – La Sebada (+6)
Edoardo Fontana (0)
Davide Nanni (I+1)
Sebastian Bernardez (+2)
Goffredo Cutinelli (+3)

#5 Chateau Nine Peaks (+5)
Elya Duissemaliyeva (-1)
Michele Cattadori (-1)
Zsuzsanna Grace (-1)
Joaquin Maiquez (ARG) 6

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