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Victory for U.S. Polo Team

Richard Fagan (+2), Jack Kidd (+5), Mario Gómez (+6) and Santiago Torreguitar (+4) of the U.S. Polo Assn. Polo Team are the winners of the 2014 Cortina Winter Polo Mercedes-Benz. Due to bad weather conditions it was not safe to hold the matches on the playing field in Fiames and thus the Argentine umpire Federico Martelli decided to replace the final with a penalty shootout. In the final match the U.S. Polo Assn. foursome defeated last year’s winner Tendercapital Monte Carlo Polo Team by 4-3 and made it to the top of the winner’s podium. Rommy Gianni (+2), Luda D’Orazio (+2), Juan C. Greguoli (+5) and Darío Musso (+7) had to accept second place.

Five teams with an international line-up participated in the 25th edition of the Cortina Snow Polo tournament that this year once again was held at the Cross Country Skiing Centre in Fiames. Never before there had been such problems with the weather conditions as this year – several preliminary matches had to be cancelled. But the organizers, players and the audience made the best of it and had lots of fun.

The standings:
1. U.S. Polo Assn. Polo Team (+16)
Richard Fagan (+2)
Jack Kidd (+5)
Mario Gómez (+6)
Santiago Torreguitar (+4)

2. Tendercapital Monte Carlo Polo Team (+16)
Rommy Gianni (+2)
Luda D’Orazio (+2)
Juan C. Greguoli (+5)
Darío Musso (+7)

3. Mercedes-Benz Polo Team (+16)
Davide Nanni (+2)
Terence Cusmano (+3)
Goffredo Cutinelli Rendina (+5)
Juan Ruiz Guiñazú (+6)

4. Ruinart Polo Team (+14)
Gif Turati (+1)
Oscar Carona (+3)
Franco Piazza (+3)
Ginés Bargallo (+7)

5. Hotel de la Poste Polo Team (+14)
Juande Perez-Serrano (+2)
Paolo Santanbrogio (+3)
Eva Brühl (+3)
Miguel Amieva (+6)

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