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Jaeger-LeCoultre Autumn Cup

Last weekend the Jaeger-LeCoultre Autumn Cup at the British Cowdray Park Polo Club ended after almost two weeks and many thrilling encounters. Eight teams with a handicap of +8 and +12 participated in the tournament, which is the last in the series of HPA tournaments at Cowdray Park sponsored by the luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre.
In the final Charlie Pidgley (-1), Mathias Carrique (+3), Will Emerson (+5) and Peter Webb (+5) of team Cadenza Juniors defeated the foursome of team Black Eagles, composed of Jonathan Munro Ford (-1), Jack Hyde (0), Chris Hyde (+6) and James Harper (+6), narrowly by 6-5,5. The prizes distributed at the award ceremony were sponsored by Casablanca Polo. Jack Hyde of the second-placed team Black Eagles was awarded Most Valuable Player.
Polo Manager Chris Bethell said: “We have seen excellent polo and hard-fought matches throughout the Jaeger-LeCoultre HPA Series at Cowdray Park this season. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s support for the Series, in addition to its role as Cowdray Park’s Official Time Keeper, has brought a new dimension and added interest. We also thank Casablanca Polo for the quality kit they have provided as prizes throughout these high profile tournaments.”

The teams:
Four Quarters Orange (+12)
Simon Arber (0)
Max Hutchinson (+2)
Ollie Cudmore (+4)
Tom Morley (+6)
BHC (+12)
Momin Sheikh
Nick Clague (+2)
Rob Archibald (+6)
Juracy Santos (+4)
Four Quarters Black (+12)
Romilla Arber (-1)
Max Charlton (+6)
Richard Le Poer (+5)
Jack Berner (+2)
Black Eagles (+11)
Jonathan Munro Ford (-1)
Jack Hyde (0)
Chris Hyde (+6)
James Harper (+6)
Cadenza Juniors (+12)
Charlie Pidgley (-1)
Mathias Carrique (+3)
Will Emerson (+5)
Peter Webb (+5)
Clashleigh (+12)
Saskia Meadows (-1)
Tarquin Southwell (+4)
Jonny Good (+5)
Lucas Fernandez (+4)
Tempest (+12)
Gustav Rausing (-1)
Guy Gibrat (+3)
Vieri Antinori (+5)
Ryan Pemble (+5)
Poulton (+12)
Martin Ephson (0)
Ludo Ephson (+1)
George Meyrick (+5)
Hissam Ali Hyder (+6)

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