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The first two days

Habtoor Polo defeated Mahra by 6 goals to 5 in their first match of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2013. Despite leading the game from the second chukka till the end, the Silver Cup champions had to work really hard to win the match. Mahra Polo played their best game of the season and fought till the end of the game.
No goals where scored in the first chukka but in the second period Habtoor Polo quickly took the lead with two goals from Guillermo Cuitino and one by Ezequiel Martínez. The reaction of Mahra came in the last minutes with goals by Agustín Canale and Fernando Bordieu.
It was in the third chukka when Habtoor showed their best polo taking a three goal advantage, one of them scored by Mohammed Al Habtoor in a great individual action, that seemed to give them strengh for the last period. But Mahra never gave up and battled to keep a close distance in the scoreboard. In the last chukka, Ezequiel Martinez added a new goal for Habtoor and despite the continuing effort of Mahra they close the match by winning 6 goals to 5.
The Gold Cup started on Monday with two great games, full of action and suspense. In the first game of the day at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Ghantoot defeated Zedan Polo by 5 goals to 4 in a attractive match played with real intensity. Zedan presented a new team, with Guillermo Healy and Mariano Uranga in substitution of Rodolfo Ducos, injured, and Matías Logiocco. Patron Amr Zedan´s team made a good game against the powerfull foursome of Ghantoot in a match that broke the even score in the final chukka of the game. Facundo Sola led his team to an important victory in their way to the Gold Cup title scoring the five goals of Ghantoot.
In the second match of the day, Bin Drai battle really hard against Abu Dhabi who finally won the game by 7 goals to 6 in the last 30 seconds of the match. Abu Dhabi led the game during the first three chukkas but in the last period Bin Drai, with a superb Juanjo Brane, made a great comeback. Saeed Bin Drai´s team tied the game at six goals and had the chance to win the match but an heroic save by Juachi Ambroggio in his goal post and the following attack that ended with a goal by Manuel Elizalde gave Abu Dhabi a dramatic victory.
The Gold Cup continues next thursday with the match between Bin Drai and Zedan from 3 pm in the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

The Teams:
Abu Dhabi (+16)
Faris Al Yabhouni (0, UAE)
Manuel Elizalde (+4, ARG)
Juan Jose Storni (+5, ARG)
Juan Ambroggio (+7, ARG)
Bin Drai (+16)
Saeed Bin Drai (0, UAE)
Ignacio Ithurburu (+2, ARG)
Salvador Ulloa (+7, ARG)
Juan Jose Brane (+7, ARG)
Ghantoot (+16)
Ali Al Merri (0, UAE)
Pelayo Berazadi (+4, ARG)
Juan Zubiaurre Canal (+4, ARG)
Facundo Sola (+8, ARG)
Habtoor (+16)
Mohammed Al Habtoor (0, UAE)
Ignacio Bello (+3, ARG)
Guillermo Cuitino (+6, ARG)
Martinez Ferrairo Ezequiel Edwardo (+7, ARG)
Mahra (+16)
Rashid Al Habtoor (0, UAE)
Guy Gibrat (+4, ARG)
Augustin Canale (+6, ARG)
Fernando Pipi Bourdieu (+6, UK)
Zedan (+16)
Amr Zedan (0, KSA)
Matias Logioco (+3, ARG) / Guillermo Healy
Rodolfo Ducos (+4, ARG) / Mariano Uranga
Nachi Heguy (+9, ARG)

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