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Welcome to paradise

An exclusive private island lifestyle that appeals to the sophisticated buyer looking for excellent investment value, Eden Island has three product offerings available. Spacious Apartments, deluxe Maisons and top of the range Villas which are the epitome of opulence and sophistication – all with ocean frontage.

Each home on Eden Island is sold on freehold title and offers owners the option to apply for Seychelles residency. A broad range of recreational facilities are also on offer such as a fitness centre, tennis court, swimming pools and 4 private beaches. Each home comes with its own mooring for a boat, allowing you the opportunity to leisurely spend your days exploring the neighbouring islands. Eden Island is fast becoming an all-in-one destination within the island destination of Seychelles. With a world-class shopping complex “Eden Plaza” and a tech-savvy business hotel “Eden Bleu” on your doorstep – there is no need to travel far. Amongst all of this, is a range of restaurants and bars serving international cuisine, an exquisite spa with a dramatic mountainous backdrop and a commercial marina with an array of charter offerings. If its diving, snorkelling, fishing, sailing or day tripping you are after – there are people just waiting to whisk you away out into the Indian Ocean. Over 470 of the 567 units have been sold to date. There are currently only 6 villas left for sale and a range of new apartments have just been released. Whether it’s a lifestyle or investment that you are looking for, or your next travel destination – Eden Island definitely ticks all the boxes.

* Prices start at
$ 450 000 for an Apartment
$ 1,300 000 for a Maison
$ 2,500 000 for a Villa

* The island is centrally located between the international airport and the town of Victoria
* Eden Island provides a perfect base for island hopping, fishing, snorkelling, diving, sailing and more.
* Daily flights into Seychelles with Air ­Seychelles and Emirates
* Seychelles experiences an all-round temperate climate with the yearly average temperature of 28 °C, making it a perfect destination throughout the year.

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POLO+10 Interview with Peter Smith, CEO Eden Island

Eden Island Peter Smith

POLO+10: What makes Eden Island so special?
Peter Smith: Eden Island is a reclaimed island on the east-coast of Mahé, the main island of Seychelles. This reclamation was done because there is a limit to the amount of land on Seychelles that is available for sale, so space for development was created. When the island was built, it was the first time that foreigners could earn land on freehold title. And what makes it really special is that we managed to create the island just off an island. Though we are remote we are also connected to the main island of Mahé by bridge. Once you have crossed that bridge you are on an island and have your own private beaches with your own gymnasium and a lot of restaurants and bars as well as a retail centre. It is a very secure, very special place, but also very close to the facilities of Mahé.

POLO+10: For whom is Eden Island the perfect place to stay?
Smith: As the land on the island is sold on freehold title, if you buy an apartment, a villa or a maison, you can live here or come on holiday. But you can also put your home into a rental pool and rent it out on short term and long term. There is a big demand on Eden Island for long-term rentals. We have created a market for it here and so many investors buy some land here and rent it out on long-term.

POLO+10: Is it allowed to change the exterior or interior of the Villa, Maison or Apartment, which has been bought?
Smith: The inside can be changed, yes, but we do not allow much change on the exterior. When we sell units these are sold with a design guideline and the architectural guidelines are quite strict here. But in the interior you can literally do what you like. However, when you go into a rental pool, it is quite important, that the units are standard, so we do not allow people who alter the units too much to go into the rental pool. Because when people come here, they expect a similar offering. We also offer a full-furniture package and an interior-design package for people who buy here. We have a selection of three different styles, which can be mixed.

POLO+10: Tell us more about the Apartments, which have just been released!
Smith: On the whole island are 567 units, which consist of Villas, Apartments and Maisons. The Villas range from 4 to 6 bedrooms, the Maisons are duplexes with 3 to 4 bedrooms and the Apartment blocks have a mix of 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units, all varying in size. We have just launched a brand new block of one-bedroom Apartments targeting the rental market. These Apartments are the perfect product for renting out on short term. We are in the last part of the development, 15 percent of the units are left for sale. We have just launched the last few Apartments to the market and they will only be available for the next four of five months. We think after this period all units will be sold and purchasers will have to get in the resale market and the units will be more expensive.

POLO+10: What connects Eden Island to the sport of polo?
Smith: We sponsor polo tournaments in Prague in the Czech Republic, we have sponsored the Prague Polo Cup three years in a row. We think the market, which plays polo is similar to the type of persons who enjoy their holidays on exotic locations.

Hublot Prague Polo Cup
Award ceremony of the 2014 Hublot Prague Polo Cup. (© Hublot Prague Polo Cup)

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