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2nd Ladies Autumn Cup

Tomorrow begins the 2nd Ladies Autumn Cup at El Metejon Polo Club in Argentina. From March 28th to 30th six teams with four female polo players each compete against each other to won the trophy. The teams have an international line-up with participants from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and of course Argentina. Among them are top players such as Paola Martinez (+7), Maru Gomenez (+6), Annebel Mc Naught Davis (+6) and Mumy Bellande (+6).

The matches begin tomorrow at 3.30 pm (local time): At field 1 team Doulgas meets Wild Orchid and at the same time at field 2 The Vagh’s encounters La Martina. The final for the Ladies Autumn Cup will be held on Sunday at 3.30 pm (local time). Today at 6.30 pm La Martina and El Metejon Polo Club invite all the players for an opening cocktail at the La Martina store in Buenos Aires.

The El Metejon Polo Club is located close to Buenos Aires and is equipped with three excellent polo fields designed by engineer Alejandro Battro. (for more information about Battro Polo Fields: → click here)

The teams:
Douglas (+8)
Isabel Schmidt (0)
Mercedes Prario (0)
Nicky Sen (+1)
Paola Martinez (+7)

Wild Orchid (+10)
Raya Sidorenko (0)
Zhanna Bandurko (0)
Sol Lopez Llames (+4)
Maru Gomenez (+6)

La Providencia (+9)
Veronica Posse (+1)
Maria Gené (+2)
Clelia Crespo (+3)
Veronica Magnasco (+3)

La Martina (+9)
Laura Schiebel (0)
Annita van der Hoeven (+1)
Karina Marseillan (+2)
Annebel Mc Naught Davis (+6)

The Vagh’s (+9)
Helene Wehtje (+1)
Fleur van Andel (+2)
Raphaella Marambio (+2)
Stephanie Haverhals (+4)

Reidocaviar (+9)
Gabriela Benoit (0)
Yoanna Otto (+1)
Ann Rodger (+2)
Mumy Bellande (+6)

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