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Emlor C wins Duke of Sutherland

Clinton McCarthy (0), Marcos Araya (+6), Manelo Fernandez-Llorente (+6) and Tom Morley (+6) of Team Emlor C are the winners of the Duke of Sutherland tournament at Cowdray Park Polo Club. With 10:9,5 the four won against Guy Schwarzenbach (+2), Tom Hunt (+5), Jean du Plessis (+6) and Jack Archibald (+4) of Team Black Bears in a fast and hardly fought final last saturday.
With a scored penalty from 30 yards distance Team Emlor C caught the lead through Tom Morley in the first chukker already. In the ongoing game Jack Archibald and Jean du Plessis scored for Team Black Bear and Emlor C scored another penalty. Just in the third chukker Emlor C made its first goal without a penalty with a brilliantly curved shot Marco Araya moved the point counter a point up.
After half of the game time Team Black Bears was leading with 5,5:5. In the fourth chukker Team Black Bears was developing its lead with three more goals. But Emlor C was not being put off. With new energy Manoelo Fernandez-Llorente scored two times in a row and shortened the distance down to half a goal. An unbelievable shot of Morley brought the change – 9:8,5 for Team Emlor C. A lead that was only from a short endurance. A penalty of Jean du Plessis brought Team Black Bears back to the top. But a goal of Llorente – prepared through a long ball of Morley – turned the match again. End result 10:9,5 for Emlor C.
The trophy was handed over by Emerald Fraser, the granddaughter of John Cowdray. „Most Valuable Player“ became Jean du Plessis (Team Black Bears). In total seven teams with handicaps up to +18 were fighting for victory.

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