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Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel Boutique

Combining a beautifully restored neo-Renaissance façade with cutting-edge interiors, the Esplendor Hotel Buenos Aires has a rich history and is also home to a permanent art exhibition by the Argentinian art collective Mondongo. It is a perfect boutique hotel, located in the heart of exciting Buenos Aires.

Strategically situated in the famous and traditional district of San Martín y Córdoba, the Esplendor Hotel Buenos Aires is an authentic urban spot that links the city’s various different tourist attractions: the Microcentro, Puerto Madero, Corrientes Avenue, Retiro and Santa Fé Avenue. The hotel is located adjacent to the famous shopping mall Galerías Pacífico and the lively Florida Street and was originally designed by architects Agrelo and Le Vacher in 1889. It was one of the first hotels in Buenos Aires and the absolute favourite of English immigrants.

Remodelled in 2005, it has retained its original character but now has a modern interior, meaning that the architectural interior is completely different to the exterior façade. A minimalist vertical structure was designed with the antique patios of the hotel acting as a centrepiece. Inside the rooms, a wide range of innovative and interesting materials has been used. Designed by the renowned Argentinian designer Martin Churba for his label Tramando, they cover everything from the headboards of the bed to the pillows and even the lamps.

The very singular works of art from the art collective Mondongo decorate the hallways of Esplendor with contrasting and divergent materials ranging from play dough, cookies, threads, nails, crystals and even gold chains. Between these works are images of famous Argentine figures from the country’s popular culture, such as Maradona, Gardel, Piazzolla, Evita and Borges.

This avant-garde hotel also offers several amenities, such as beauty treatments and massage therapists in your own room, a fully-equipped gym, playroom, business centre and the very attractive Mott restaurant which remains faithful to its concept of seasonal fresh market cuisine, thereby guaranteeing the freshness and quality of each dish.

With three room categories, this unique hotel surprises guests with carefully designed rooms that are harmonious, modern and comfortable. The VIP suites also offer a premium option that encourages guests to enjoy their relaxation to the maximum with integrated double size jacuzzis, queen size beds, perfect mattresses and wide spaces that provide exactly the level of quality comfort the hotel wants to give its guests.

For more information, discover Esplendor at Reservations: +54 115 256 8814 or

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