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Fantastic polo weekend at Legacy Polo Club

From 1st – 3rd August, Swiss Legacy Polo Club celebrated the successful premiere of the Legacy Pollo Cup. Eight international teams with players from Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Argentina competed against each other in the low goal tournament. The POLO+10 team were present and reported live from the event.

Exciting matches, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and truly fantastic organisation meant that the tournament was a huge success and promises a great deal of potential for the future. The tournament was played for the very first time in the Aargau region next to the Birrfeld airfield, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, it attracted spectators from not only the neighbouring towns but also from the general region. The enthusiasm for polo was evident amongst the spectators: the action and goals were cheered on and at the end of every game, the players would receive a standing ovation from the spectators. The commentator Jan-Erik Frank made sure everyone was entertained by accompanying the matches with his explanations. Nico Lopez Fuentes and Martin Riglos took up the roles of umpires to ensure 48 fair chukkas were played.

After the four games played on both Friday and Saturday, teams Bentley and Kneuss were the clear favourites after both achieving two wins. The matches on the final day of the tournament were preceded by a performance by the traditional „Bläch u Blasbaug“ band. A rain shower interrupted the wonderful summer weather of the first two days of the tournament, during the two placement matches on Sunday. The spectators did not let this dampen their spirits and continued to support the final games with enthusiasm. The first game saw team Louis Roederer face team Felix Bühler and win by a close margin of 7-6. The match between VIP Tex and Rahn & Bodmer Co. Zürich followed. Both teams gave their all, but Rahn & Bodmer Co. Zürich left the pitch the winners with a final score of 7-5.

The match for third place saw Grand Casino Baden, including Thomas Fedier, President of the Swiss Polo Association, take on team Magnola Immobilien in the pouring rain. A fast game followed with Bautista Lopez (+2), René Müller (0), Florence Müller (-1) and Amélie Müller (-1) of team Magnola Immobilien secured a 5-3 win. The final, which ended in sunshine once again, saw Bentley and Kneuss compete for the Pollo Cup. The Argentineans Walter Cortez (team Bentley, +2) and Manu Lopez (Team Kneuss, +2) were the stars of the match. After a closely fought game, team Kneuss were the victors with a 4-3,5 result and secured themselves the first place. The players and spectators then celebrated the prize giving in glorious sunshine.

Stefan Locher, President of Legacy Polo Club: “We are extremely happy with the tournament. Switzerland has not experienced a summer tournament like this before. We had many visitors come to support the event, not only from the area and from the neighbouring communities, but also from other regions. We also managed to dispel the prejudice of polo being solely for those who drink champagne and wear smart hats. Above all, the tournament was a relaxed get together with beer and roast chicken, all set in a great environment.

As the tournament progressed, the number of spectators in attendance steadily rose. More than 1000 guests were to be seen in the public area on Sunday. Between 150-200 guests enjoyed the VIP area at the tournament each day. Many of the spectators were still present at the prize giving – something that I have never seen before. It was unbelievable; there were 10 to 15 rows of applauding spectators. It is hard to imagine a better form of appreciation.

Jan-Erik Frank did a fantastic job as commentator, whilst Tony Ramirez and another photographer were in charge of photographing the event. Apart from a minor finger injury sustained by one of the professional players, we were lucky and pleased not to have any injuries to players or horses. The relatively new polo pitch held up well and despite the brief rain shower on Sunday, provided an excellent ground for the games right up to the very last chukka of the tournament.

Considering we only had a small organizing committee of four people for this event, I believe we managed to host a great new event that put a smile on all the guest’s faces. I have not received negative feedback from any of the guests. The sponsors were also happy, so overall everything went well and worked out wonderfully. All in all, it was a successful tournament, which I am sure will see a repeat event follow in the 2015 season.”

Polodoc Dr Andreas Krüger about the organisation of a safe polo tournament at the first Legacy Pollo Cup: “Polo watching is already spectacular but playing it boost the adrenaline through speed and the fighting thrill. But in matters of safety this weekend Stefan Locher and Cedric Schweri from Legacy Polo Club have made a starting point in the organisation of a safe polo tournament where thrill and safety met.

Auxiliary to the mandatory ambulance and its crew an emergency doctor and an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon were available. Directly next to the play field a TCS helicopter is based for immediate transport to the adequate hospital. In the surrounding area (<15 minute car drive) 2 major regional hospitals with specialized trauma departments and intensive care units are located. With the USZ trauma department located in the middle range (<30 min ambulance drive and 10 min helicopter flight) an European leading trauma centre is the place to be for players with life threating injuries. In case of minor injuries the network of private hospitals as Klinik Hirslanden Zurich, Klinik Bethanien, Klinik im Park, and Klinik Pyramide am See is always capable to handle the treatment on highest level in regards to excellent medical treatment quality and luxury in hospital stay. Additional the Hirslanden hospital group offers with Hirslanden International a service for international patients who look for an expert around the globe. Due to the medical service arrangement at the Pollocup a player suffering from a broken finger could be treated immediately next the field. Objectively considered the Legacy Pollo Cup at the Birrfeld is maybe the safest place on earth to have your personal polo tournament experience take place with the great surrounding of typical helvetic atmosphere." For our photo galleries please click the following link, which can also be viewed by those without a Facebook account: Gallery Saturday: → click here

Gallery Sunday: → click here

Further information can be found at:

Louis Roederer (+2)

Juan Marenda (+2)
Cedric Schweri (0)
Gabriel Eckenstein (0)
Stefan Weber (0)

Bentley (0)
Walter Cortez (+2)
Carlos Sprüngli (0)
Markus Oggenfuss (-1)
Stefan Locher (-1)

Grand Casino Baden (0)
Sacha Fedier (0)
Thomas Fedier (0)
Viviane Sauter (0)
Christoph Hummel (0)

Kneuss (+1)
Manu López (+2)
Coast Sullenger (+1)
Cristiano Migliorini (-1)
Michael Herzog (-1)

Magnola Immobilien (0)
Bautista Lopez (+2)
René Müller (0)
Florence Müller (-1)
Amélie Müller (-1)

Felix Bühler (0)
Juan Pipo Sanchez (+2)
David Kalberer (0)
Michaela Oertli (-1)
Christian Stamm (-1)

VIP Tex (0)
Dele Iversen (0)
Bernhard Niederhammer (0)
Marc Senf (0)
Bernd Hotz (0)

Rahn & Bodmer Co. Zürich (0)
Paolo Santambrogio (+2)
Davide Dondena (0)
Alessandro Balestrino (-1)
Matteo Beffa (-1)

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