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The Fields: The best conditions, all year round

The polo fields at Santa María Polo Club are certainly world-class facilities: this nine fields, located in three facilities, Los Pinos, Puente de Hierro and Río Sotogrande are fully prepared during the whole year to play the best and fastest polo one could wish for.

The fields, all subjected to the regulatory measurements which make them all apt for professional matches. Los Pinos fields have a surface of 350m by 150m, while Puerta de Hierro fields have a surface of 320m x 138m, and the Río Sotogrande fields measure 320m by 140m. Grass is Bermuda 419 Tifway, which has been the most popular sports turf for the past 40 years. It hast he power to recover quickly from injuries, making it highly durable. Combines resistance and beauti and is highly disease resistant. In addition, the Santa María Polo Club fields have a cutting edge draining system, which can endure rain showers and storms, and let the fields ready to play in optimum conditions in a very short period of time. The construction and design of the fields has been performed by the technical team of Santa María Polo Club, with their high expertise on the matter.

Los Pinos fields are the main four fields of Santa María Polo Club. Fully prepared to host major tournaments, they are the home of the high handicap cups, such as the Land Rover International Tournament, taking place from the end of July to the end of August. This fields are complemented by the Pavillion marquee, with a large terrace area with a spectacular view to the main fields, the place-to-be for every polo connoisseur during the European High Season. Other facility we can find in this fields is the Polivalent Tent, that also hosts great events also known as the After Polo tent, meeting point for some night drinks after exciting matches.

The two fields located at Rio Sotogrande area are destined to the medium goal championships. One can enjoy them from their terraces, a beautiful sight when the sun is setting is guaranteed. In addition, Rio Sotogrande hosts an Argentinian restaurant, La Quinta, the perfect place to enjoy traditional dishes from the quintessential polo nation.

Last, but not least, after a beautiful and picturesque road surrounded by orange trees, one can reach the Puente de Hierro fields. Two of these three fields are reserved for the low goal championships, while the remaining one is used for practice. Puente de Hierro also is the home of the outstanding Santa María Polo Club stables and houses for grooms professionals and employers, and a training field for the horses.

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