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Finals Day at the Berenberg Polo-Derby 2014

After a great day of Polo on Saturday, the overcast and slightly rainy start to the final day of the Berenberg Polo-Derby in Hamburg Polo Club wasn’t putting anyone off. The first two matches of the day were played over two chukkas and the third and fourth matches then returned to the full four chukkas for the finals of the competition.

The first match of the day saw Matthias Grau, Lukas Sdrenka, Heinrich Dumrath and Thomas Winter of team Lanson take on team Rumöller/Grand Luxe with Estelle Wagner, José Alberto Ricomini, Patrick Maleitzke and Marcos Riglos. A closely contested match played over two chukkas with goals being scored in quick succession by both teams. Despite some fantastic shots and play by team Lanson, including an unbelievable aerial shot from the half way line that flew through the goal posts by Heinrich Dumrath, Lanson were unable to secure the win and team Rumöller left the pitch with a 5-3,5 victory.

The second match saw Christian Grimme, Christopher Winter, Adrian Laplacette and Oliver Winter of team Porsche play against the El Polista team of Federico Heinemann, Agustin Kronhaus, Hugo Iturraspe and Thomas Selkirk. This match also being played over just two chukkas saw some great play from Adrian Laplacette, particularly in the second chukka. Porsche just managed to get the upper hand ending with a great final goal from Agustin Kronhaus and a 4-1 win.

Team Berenberg with Dominik Velazquez (taking Sebastian Schneberger’s place), Christian Badenhop, Micky Duggan and Christopher Kirsch faced Jo Schneider, Moritz Gädeke, Tatu Gomez Romero and Sven Schneider of team Meissler & Co. Following the slightly overcast weather during the first two matches of the day, the start of this third match brought out the sunshine for the rest of the afternoon! It was a very fast paced game with many chances at goal that really kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Team Meissler & Co finally managing to secure the win and third place with a score of 5-3,5.

The final of the Berenberg Polo-Derby Hamburg took place between the two Tom Tailor teams. An extremely fast and furious match followed with the first two goals of the match being scored by Aki van Andel and Caesar Crasemann of team Tom Tailor I. The result of 2-2,5 at the end of the first chukka clearly demonstrated how equal these two teams were and how closely fought the match was. With a huge crowd watching the final game of the day in the now glorious sunshine and with a fantastic atmosphere, the two teams really fought hard right up to the very last minutes of the final game. Despite a fantastic last goal from a 60 yard Penalty struck by Santos Anca, team Tom Tailor I just managed to pip the others to win by the nearest of margins with a final score of 8-7,5.

Karsten Wehmeier, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Communications at Berenberg said, ‘It was a weekend of very exciting matches and a great number of spectators. The matches all resulted in very close scores, often with just a half goal in it , demonstrating the high level of polo being played here. This is the 14th year of the event and the fact that 8 teams played demonstrates the high demand of the players wanting to take part, which we are really happy about!’

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1. Tom Tailor I
Caesar Crasemann
Gaston Maiquez
Daniel Crasemann
Aki van Andel

2. Tom Tailor II
Tahnee Schröder
Naomi Schröder
Cristobal Durrieu
Santos Anca

3. Meissler & Co
Jo Schneider
Moritz Gädeke
Tatu Gomez Romero
Sven Schneider

4. Berenberg
Dominik Velazquez
Christian Badenhop
Micky Duggan
Christopher Kirsch

5. Porsche
Christian Grimme
Christopher Winter
Adrian Laplacette
Oliver Winter

6. El Polista
Federico Heinemann
Agustin Kronhaus
Hugo Iturraspe
Thomas Selkirk

7. Rumöller/Grand Luxe
Estelle Wagner
José Alberto Ricomini
Patrick Maleitzke
Marcos Riglos

8. Lanson
Matthias Grau
Lukas Sdrenka
Heinrich Dumrath
Thomas Winter

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