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Semi-finalists are set

Yesterday the last matches of the preliminaries for the 10th FIP World Polo Championship were held at Club de Polo y Equitación San Cristóbal in Santiago, Chile and now the teams for the semi-final matches on Tuesday, 31st March, are set.

In group A, Chile was the most successful team, winning both preliminary matches, followed by England with one victory. In group B, USA is the leader after winning both matches of the preliminary round, followed by Brazil with one win. Argentina, the former world champion, and Pakistan were eliminated of the World Polo Championship after losing all their respective matches in the preliminaries.

The semi-finals will be held on Tuesday, 31st March 2015. At 15.00hrs (local time) England will play against USA. The second semi-final match will be played at 17.00hrs (local time) between Chile and Brazil. The final match will be held on Wednesday, 1st April 2015.

The teams:
USA (+14)

Remy de Celle Muller (+2)
Jesse Bray (+5)
Felipe Viana (+4)
Patrick Uretz (+3)

Brazil (+14)
Eduardo Parise (+2)
Gustavo García (+4)
Joao Novais (+4)
Gabriel Villela Rosa (+4)

Chile (+14)
Mario Silva (+2)
Ignacio Vial (+4)
Felipe Vercellino (+4)
José Miguel Pereira (+4)

Pakistan (+14)
Ahmed Ali Tiwana (+4)
Bilal Haye (+2)
Saquib Khakwani (+4)
Rqaya Sami Ullah (+4)

Argentina (+14)
Pablo Ávalos (+2)
Marcos Panelo (+4)
Bautista Bayugar (+5)
Salvador Jauretche (+3)

England (+14)
George Pearson (+2)
Jack Hyde (+2)
William Emerson (+5)
Peter Webb (+5)

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