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Gold Cup: Equus and Huntsman triumph in Sotogrande

The POLO+10 team has arrived at Santa María Polo Club, in Sotogrande, Spain to be present in the grand finals of the prestigious 43° Torneo Internacional Land Rover de Polo. A relaxed atmosphere, yet full of glamour and joy, framed this day of outstanding polo in the facilities of the Spanish club.

We were able to meet and interview several of the stars of the day, and to witness the triumphs of Huntsman in the Low Handicap Copa de Oro, that played a thrilling final against Sardeñola team that put up a tough fight but could not match the abilities of one of the highlighted teams of the season. The match ended in 11-9. Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein, who played for team Sardeñola, told the POLO+10 team “It was a head-to-head match, very close, but in the end, when we got to a tide on 10-10, Huntsman converted the golden goal, and we could not keep up. It was an extremely exciting and fast match, a truly fascinating experience”.

After that match, under a perfect weather, Equus won against FCT, by 15-8, taking the Copa de Oro Casablanca home, for second consecutive year. When sunset came to Sotogrande, the award ceremony took place, and later the crowd filled the cheerful Santa María Polo Club’s After Polo lounge, to enjoy a few drinks.

Now the final matches of the Copa de Oro Bulgari await. Adolfo Cambiaso playing for Bob Jornayvaz’s Valiente team will show off his outstanding skills against the unbeatable Pieres brothers duo, Gonzalo and Facundo in the team of patron James Packer, Ellerston. The subsidiary High Handicap finals will also be played, in a match between Victor Vargas’ Lechuza Caracas and Charles Hanbury’s Halcyon Gallery team.

POLO+10 Interview with Pelayo Berazadi

Pelayo Berazadi (+4) is a Spanish polo player that played on Sotogrande’s grounds since his beginnings in the sport. During the 43° Torneo Internacional Land Rover de Polo, he played in team Woodchester, part of the medium handicap category.
POLO+10 chatted with Pelayo and he told the team something about his polo career.

POLO+10: How long have you been playing in Sotogrande? What do you think of this edition?
Pelayo: This is certainly not my first experience here. I was raised in Sotogrande, and have been playing in this grounds for a long time. This is high season at home, and its spectacular. We are able to witness the best teams of the world at play, and it is a lot of fun to be a part of the tournament, but also a hard task.

POLO+10: What is your opinion on Woodchester, your team’s performance during this edition of the Tournament?
Pelayo: To be honest, we didn’t have a nice start, we have had some “casualties”, some players could not perform, but anyways for the Copa de Oro we were able to gather the same formation that we have been playing with, and we did quite good, making it until the semi-final against Equus, the champion of the medium handicap tournament. We lost against the best, which leaves as conclusion that finally it was a good performance.

POLO+10: Which are your plans for the near future in polo?
Pelayo: Now I am traveling to Dubai, and then comes Argentina, just following the season. My aim is to improve my abilities and also the level of my ponies.

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