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Handmade favourite shoes

Since one year Gorgeous Affairs, a young fashion label from Hamburg, offers traditionally manufactured ladies’ shoes of finest quality, made in Italy. At the online store customers can choose their personal favourite shoe and combine heel, shape of the shoe toe cap, leather and colour according to their needs and wishes. The shoes impress with timeless design and special quality.
Every pair of shoes is handmade by a small family-operated manufacture near Milan in accordance with the unique tradition of Calzature Artigiane. The process of production involves 56 steps and every detail is strictly prepared – from the first drafts of design and colour to the production of the patterns, lasts and heels to the choice of leather. The handmade shoes are priced at 165 to 255 Euros.
Founder Anna Dierking: “Not everything in fashion has the potential to become a real favourite and this specifically applies to shoes. Mostly the design is outdated after only one season and with increasing frequency the quality is not convincing. But what we do is designing favourite shoes: Perfect in respect of style and shape, comfortable and long-lasting. Additionally our shoes are absolutely affordable. They combine everything a favourite consists of.”
Since lately Gorgeous Affairs also fulfils special wishes with its newly developed concept called ‘Masterpiece’. In cooperation with the atelier the given designs are covered with the customers’ patterns of cloth according to the suggestions of the customers. Within four weeks the customers receive their personal shoes, a ‘Masterpiece’ is priced at 200 to 500 Euros according to expenditure and costs of material.
“There are women who devoutly wish silver shoes congenial to their wedding dress. Others dream of a pair of high heels matching the cloth of their evening dress. Masterpiece seizes the idea from recent decades of custom-made clothes and puts a new spin on them according to our time”, says Anna Dierking. “We design the style, our customers tell us their personal wishes of materials and colours and in the end a unique masterpiece is formed.”

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