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Victory for the team of the Guards Polo Club

At the 1st Guards International São Paulo Polo Trophy, the teams Guards Polo Club and EFG Bank faced each other on Saturday 20th September at Helvetica Polo Club. Although the weather conditions wasn’t ideal because of shower-like rain, both teams gave their all. In the end, Charlie Pidgley (0), Igor Pinheiro (+3), Rafael Villela Rosa (+6) and Noberto Pinheiro (+4) of team Guards Polo Club took the lead and defeated Alex Brodie (+1), Jose Eduardo de Souza Aranha (+2), Francisco Marcos Junqueira Netto (+4) and Luiz Paulo Martins Bastos (+6) of team EFG Bank by 9-7.

Igor Pinheiro (team Guards Polo Club) was named Most Valuable Player of the tournament, the pony „Xamata“ of Francisco Marcos Junqueira Netto (team EFG Bank) received the prize as Best Playing Pony.

The small final between the teams Yaguara and TeleAtlantic had to be canceled due to the bad weather. Yaguaras team captain Grant Mayer (+1) who flown in from the USA still drew a positive conclusion: “We have had a brilliant week – our Brazilian hosts have been fantastic and I am just delighted to have been a part of such a great event.”

Before the main prize presentations took place, Jose Eduardo de Souza Aranha, who had played for the EFG Bank team, spoke on behalf of all the Brazilian players: “I believe that we have sent a message to the polo world that is it still possible to play polo with friends. I hope that we will definitely see you all both in the UK and here in Brazil next year.”

Neil Hobday, CEO of Guards also spoke of friendship in his welcoming speech: “There are no strangers in the sport of polo, only friends that we have not yet met, and we have certainly made many friends here in Brazil this week, especially Alberto Bastos and Roberto de Souza Aranha and their families. Everyone’s generosity and hospitality to our players and my team from Guards Polo Club has been unparalleled.”

The teams:
Guards Polo Club (+13)

Charlie Pidgley (0)
Igor Pinheiro (+3)
Rafael Villela Rosa (+6)
Noberto Pinheiro (+4)

EFG Bank (+13)
Alex Brodie (+1)
Jose Eduardo de Souza Aranha (+2)
Francisco Marcos Junqueira Netto (+4)
Luiz Paulo Martins Bastos (+6)

Yaguara (+13)
Grant Mayer (+1)
Roberto Egydio de Souza Aranha (+3)
Carlos Francisco Martins Bastos (+4)
Goncalo Matarrazo (+5)

TeleAtlantic (+12)
Eitan Koren (0)
Joao Gaspar Martins Bastos (+5)
Guilherme Lins (+5)
Wolff Klabin (+2)

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