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Team Coca-Colas’ win in overtime

With a close score of 13-12 team Coca-Cola with Gillian Johnston (+1), Sugar Erskine (+7), Julio Arellano (+9) and Tommy Collingwood (+3) won the Herbie Pennell Cup 2013. In overtime the four defeated team Villa Del Lago with Jim Zenni (0), Augustin Obregon (+4), Polito Pieres (+8) and Magoo Laprida (+8). “They made some strange moves off of the play,” admitted Erskine, “they changed things around a lot and used a lot of screens,” he added. “We just kept after them and managed to come out on top.”
The third place went to team Lechuza Caracas. With 13-11 team Lechuza Caracas with Victor Vargas (+1), Adam Snow (+6), Agustin Nero (+7) and Tomas Goti (+6) beaten team La Herradura with Jose Donso (+7), Carlos Gracida (+6), Memo Gracida (+7) und Alvaro Fernandez (0).
Pieres led the Villa Del Lago offense with eight goals and was named MVP for his efforts. Johnston’s 10-year-old gray Thoroughbred mare, Perk, was honored as Best Playing Pony.

The Standings:
1. Coca-Cola (+20)
Gillian Johnston (+1)
Stuart Erskine (+7)
Julio Arellano (+9)
Tommy Collingwood (+3)
2. Villa del Lago (+20)
Jared Zenni (0)
Pablo Pieres (+8)
Cristian Laprida (+8)
Agustín Obregón (+4)
3. Lechuza Caracas (+20)
Víctor Vargas (+1)
Adam Snow (+6)
Agustín Nero (+7)
Tommy Goti (+6)

4. La Herradura (+20)
Álvaro Fernández (0)
José Donoso (+7)
Carlos Gracida (+6)
Memo Gracida (+7)

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