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La Dolfina and Ellerstina in the final

Ellerstina and La Dolfina have made it once again to the final of the 2014 Hurlingham Open and will meet on Saturday, 1st November 2014.

On Saturday, 25th October the La Dolfina foursome, including Adolfo Cambiaso (+10), encountered a very determined team Alegría. La Dolfina made a good start and finished the first chukka leading by 4-1. In the second chukka, Alegría closed the gap and in the third chukka took the lead for the first time. In the following chukkas, Alegría gave La Dolfina a very hard fight. Especially the 22 years old Alfredo Cappella (+7), replacing the injured Fred Mannix, performed fantastically. As late as the sixth chukka La Dolfina was successful again and both teams tied at 10-all. From that moment on the tide was turning and La Dolfina retook the lead in the seventh chukka, 12-10. In the eighth and last chukka Alegría really pressed hard, but even the two goals scored by Polito Pieres (+9) could not stop La Dolfina. In the end La Dolfina defeated Alegría by a narrow margin, 13-12. A few weeks ago La Dolfina had also won the 2014 Tortugas Open (POLO+10 reported) and now could also win the second station of the 2014 Argentine Triple Crown.

Once again they will meet team Ellerstina in the final taking place on Saturday. Ellerstina also had to give everything to win yesterday’s match against La Aguada. La Aguada got off to a better start and dominated the first half of the match. But Ellerstina levelled again and again and in the second half of the match they took control. In the seventh chukka they took the lead and extended it to 13-10. In the last chukka, La Aguada once again pulled out all the stops, but Ellerstina was too strong and won by 14-12.

The teams:
Group A
La Dolfina (+40)

Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
David Stirling (+10)
Pablo Mac Donough (+10)
Juan Martín Nero (+10)

Alegría (+34)
Pablo Pieres (+9)
Hilario Ulloa (+9)
Lucas Monteverde (+9)
Alfredo Cappella (+7)

La Aguada Las Monjitas (+33)
Lucas James (+8)
Cristian Laprida (+8)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada (+8)

Miramar (+28)
Gonzalo Deltour (+7)
Valerio Zubiaurre (h) (+7)
Ignacio Laprida (+7)
Santiago Toccalino (+7)

Group B
Ellerstina (+38)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
Gonzalo Pieres (+10)
Mariano Aguerre (+9)
Nicolás Pieres (+9)

La Aguada (+36)
Facundo Sola (+8)
Guillermo Caset (+9)
Miguel Novillo Astrada (+10)
Ignacio Novillo Astrada (+9)

Magual (+33)
Alejandro Muzzio (+8)
Ignacio Toccalino (+9)
Marcos Di Paola (+8)
Jaime García Huidobro (+8)

Chapaleufú (+31)
Alberto Heguy (h) (+7)
Ignacio Heguy (+8)
Francisco Bensadón (+8)
Bautista Heguy (+8)

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