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Snow Polo Kitzbühel: Hall of Fame

Tomorrow the 14th edition of the Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel kicks off. By now all horses and players have arrived in Kitzbühel and the weather also plays along: A blanket of snow covers Kitzbühel and its environs. But before the snow polo tournaments starts, we will take a look at the winners of the previous years.

With Sebastian Schneberger’s second victory in Kitz, Germany has now overtaken England in the honour roll of the most successful nations: 13 of the total of 39 champions come from Germany, while England follows in second place with 12 winners and 8 winners come from Argentina. There are just 2 women among the title holders: Steffi von Pock and Eva Brühl. Together with Ignacio Tillous, the two reached the winners’ podium on the Münichauer Wiese in 2011.

As the first winners of the Kitzbühel Snow Polo tournament, Tony Pidgeley, Tim Bown and Jack Kidd have earned a place in the history books of the event. That was in 2003 – and the three Englishmen added their second title to it the following year. Just two other teams have managed to defend their title in the past 13 years: Richard Davis, Tarquin Southwell and Johnny Good, also from England, and Uwe Schröder, Christopher “Niffy” Winter and Thomas Winter from Germany.

By the way: no player has ever managed to hold the coveted trophy in his or her hands more than twice.

The previous winners in Kitz:
2015: Team DWB Holding
Sebastian Schneberger (GER)
Philip de Groot (NLD)
Valentin Novillo Astrada (ARG)

2014: Team Luxury/Castelfalfi
Andy Golling (GER)
Facundo Llorente (ARG)
Horacio Llorente (ARG)

2013: Team Audi
Richard Davis (UK)
Tarquin Southwell (UK)
Johnny Good (UK)

2012: Team Hawker Beechcraft
Richard Davis (UK)
Tarquin Southwell (UK)
Johnny Good (UK)

2011: Team Wintertechnik
Steffi von Pock (GER)
Eva Brühl (GER)
Ignacio Tillous (ARG)

2010: Team Valartis Bank
Thomas Wolfensbeger (CH)
Tito Gaudenzi (CH/USA)
Lucas Labat (ARG)

2009: Team Lanson
Uwe Schröder (GER)
Christopher „Niffy“ Winter (GER)
Thomas Winter (GER)

2008: Team Käfer/ Lanson
Uwe Schröder (GER)
Christopher „Niffy“ Winter (GER)
Thomas Winter (GER)

2007: Team Igel Software
Sebastian Schneberger (GER)
Goffredo Cutinelli (ITA)
Caesar Guinazu (ARG)

2006: Team Bentley Wien
Philip Maeder (CH)
Harald Link (GER)
Federico Bachman (ARG)

2005: Team Hypo Liechtenstein
Peter Slupinski (GER)
Laurens Brouns (NL)
Christian Bernal (ARG)

2004: Team VERTU / High Life
Tony Pidgeley (UK)
Tim Bown (UK)
Jack Kidd (UK)

2003: Team VERTU
Tony Pidgeley (UK)
Tim Bown (UK)
Jack Kidd (UK)

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