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Brazil meets Switzerland

For four days, Brazil found a new home at the shore of the Lago Maggiore in southern Switzerland with the sixth edition of the Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona. Four international teams, including one team from Brazil, as well as players from eight nations participated in the tournament. The event attracted about 3,000 spectators to the polo arena next to the former airport grounds of Ascona.

Winning team Styger & Partner / Podium Swiss, including Marcus Schalldach (+1), Bruce Colley (+1) and Guilerme Lins (+5), won all its respective matches. In the last encounter the threesome defeated team ECOVIS ws&p SA / mytowel, consisting of Piero Dillier (0), Lukas Labat (+6) as well as Uwe (+1) and Philipp Zimmermann (0), sharing one position, by a margin of one goal and beat the team to second place. This position was shared with team Engel & Völkers / Bentley Lugano, including Cedric Schweri (0), Thomas Wolfensberger (+1) and Martin Riglos (+4). Team Giardino Group / Fipa Group with Michael Husted (0), Matteo Beffa (-1) and Australian Ross Ainsley (+5) was placed fourth.

Polo on a high level with tropical temperatures and fantastic parties such as the welcome party at the Hotel Eden Roc, the atmospheric “White” players party on Brissago Island, including invited 300 guests who arrived on the island by boat, or the Brazilian night with dancers in a colourful samba show on Saturday night next to the polo field: the sixth edition of the Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona was a top class event. On Saturday morning spectators witnessed the traditional parade through the village of Ascona.

Uwe Zimmermann, President of the Poloclub Ascona: “The Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona is a tournament for our friends and with our friends. In addition to being a top class sport event, this tournament is an important social occasion with a huge advertising effect for Switzerland. Tomorrow we will start with the preparations for the coming tournament in July 2016. I want to say thank you to everyone who was involved in the tournament, the sponsors, players, grooms and many helpers and we look forward to meeting again next year!”

#1 Styger & Partner / Podium Swiss (+7)
Marcus Schalldach (+1)
Bruce Colley (+1)
Guilerme Lins (+5)

#2 ECOVIS ws&p SA / mytowel (+7/+6)
Piero Dillier (0)
Uwe Zimmermann / Philipp Zimmermann (+1/0)
Lukas Labat (+6)

#2 Engel & Völkers / Bentley Lugano (+5)
Cedric Schweri (0)
Thomas Wolfensberger (+1)
Martin Riglos (+4)

#4 Giardino Group / Fipa Group (+4)
Michael Husted (0)
Matteo Beffa (-1)
Ross Ainsley (+5)

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