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Beach Polo in Mexico

For the third time the International Beach Polo Cup in Puerto Vallarta at Riviera Nayarit took place from 1st to 4th of May. The Riviera Nayarit is one of the most popular holiday destinations at the Mexican Pacific coast. The dream location is especially appreciated for its lifestyle.

The International Beach Polo Cup 2014 was opened by the traditional horse parade and a fashion show of the brand Tucane.

A total of eight internationally manned teams had announced for the sandy chukker. All teams started with great fighting spirit and passion. In the end, the teams E! Entertainment from Careyes and Elite Residences made it to the final. By 8-6, the Italian Chicco Cassanova (0), the Argentine 7-goaler Nito Uranga and Maxime Mulenshausen (0) of team E! Entertainment came out on top against team Elite Residences and thus secured the first place. Rodolfo Ramos (0), Ignacio Cubero (0) and Guillermo Pereyra (+1) ended up at second place.

Event director José Antonio Amutio: „We’re so happy: polo keeps growing! This is our third consecutive year playing on the beach. The Riviera Nayarit has always believed in us and we’re very thankful for that. We’d also like to thank the State Government, the authorities and all of our sponsors, the media… There are so many people that have made this possible.”

The standings:
1. E! Entertainment (+7)

Chicco Cassanova (0)
Nito Uranga (+7)
Maxime Mulenshausen (0)

2. Elite Residence (+1)
Rodolfo Ramos (0)
Ignacio Cubero (0)
Guillermo Pereyra (+1)

3. Don Roberto (+6)
Jorge Suarez (0)
Juan Carlos Galan (+1)
Marcelo Araya (+5)

4. Tucane (+7)
Eduardo Zorrilla (+7)
José Antonio Amutio (0)
Alejandro Verdayes (0)
Juan Pablo Gallegos (0)

5. Outdoors / Rostros (+1)
Toucan Pereyra (+1)
Emiliano Ayala (0)
José Alfonso Ayala (0)

6. Riviera Nayarit (+8)
Pablo Llorente (+4)
William Steta (+1)
Miguel Gómez (+3)

7. Lemmus (+7)
Jeronimo Llorente (+3)
Octavio Lamas (0)
Diego Velarde (+4)

8. Hard Rock (+7)
Roger Girad (0)
Stephan Fiset (0)
Juan José Araya (+7)

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