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Polo in Ibiza is magic

The 2nd International Mixed Tournament took place at Ibiza Polo Club on 10-12 July 2015. Three days of exciting polo and a very nice atmosphere, and three participating teams with players from different nationalities such as Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Iran, New Zealand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain.

Gabriel Iglesias, owner of Ibiza Polo Club expressed his gratitude to all the players that have contributed to make this tournament possible: “The good atmosphere between the participants is what makes this event so special. People come here to enjoy, there is also competition, of course, but with no conflicts or discussions between players or with the referees. At the end of the matches we all sit at the Bar Lounge and we comment on the play while we enjoy a drink… We have the most amazing sunsets here as well, so we cannot ask for more!”

POLO+10 Team also participated in this tournament, including Thomas Wirth (0) – owner of POLO+10 – Francesca Guise (0), Hormoz Verahramian (0) and Agustin Arestizabal (+3), and emerged as winners of the tournament, as in the final match the foursome defeated the host team of Ibiza Polo Club by 4-3.

Friday, 10 July 2015 – First match

HV Polo Team vs. Ibiza Polo Club Team 5-6

Saturday, 11 July 2015 – Second match
POLO+10 Team vs. HV Polo Team 4-4

Sunday, 12 July 2015 – Final match
POLO+10 Team vs. Ibiza Polo Club Team 4-3

POLO+10 interview with Gabriel Iglesias, owner of Ibiza Polo Club:

POLO+10: What changes have been made in this edition of the International Mixed Tournament?
Gabriel Iglesias: I would say that the changes are the participation of more players who come for the first time to Ibiza Polo Club and who take part in the tournaments. These players come from faraway countries – this year, for example, we had a player from Macao.

POLO+10: What makes the Ibiza Polo Club such a unique location?
Gabriel Iglesias: Ibiza is one of the hotspots in the world, and specially now, during the high season. Even those people who never thought of coming to the island due to its clubs and nightlife tradition, they now decide to come because there is polo. They discover a new Ibiza, an alternative to the luxury tourism: healthy, in daylight, familiar and in the heart of nature.

The teams:
HV Polo Team (+3)

Javier Solorzano (0) – Mexico
Alejandra Pfeifer (0) – Germany
Laura Muller (0) – Spain
Walter Garbuglia (+3) – Argentina

Ibiza Polo Club Team (+3)
Gabriel Iglesias JR. (0) – KSA
Angela Walker (0) – England
Jaime Espinoza de los Monteros (+1) – Spain
Gabriel Iglesias (+2) – Argentina

POLO+10 Team (+3)
Francesca Guise (0) – New Zealand
Thomas Wirth (0) – Germany
Hormoz Verahramian (0) – Iran / Macao
Agustin Arestizabal (+3) – Argentina

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