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3rd consecutive win by El Mangrullo

With players from Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Pakistan and others, the 3rd edition of the International Polo Cup at El Metejon was truly international.

Throughout the first ten days of December the tournament games and several social events took place. Kicking off with a tournament opening cocktail offered by La Martina at the Palermo polo fields gave players the opportunity to get familiar with each other in a casual setting. The eight 10-goal teams competed in two leagues to qualify for the final.

The final of the tournament between team Nipas and El Mangrullo was very close as they were not able to get more than one point apart one the score board throughout almost all the game. Finally El Mangrullo managed to get ahead a few points at the end of the game and accomplished to become the third consecutive winner of the tournament.

Chosen as Most Valuable Player was Teo Neufor (replacing Diego Larregli) from team El Mangrullo. Best Playing Pony was Zebu, played in the fourth chukker by Jejo Taranco from team Nipas.

The teams:
Douglas (+10)

Nicky Sen (0)
Paola Martinez (+2)
Pandy Irastorza (+4)
Patricio Gaynor (+4)

El Mangrullo (+10)
Hugo Alsina (0)
Alejandro Granados (+2)
Diego Larregli (+3)
Lucas Torales (+5)

San Renato (+9)
Emiliano Bovetti (0)
Fabian Bolanterio (+1)
Lucas Fernandez (+4)
Alejandro Palomeque (+4)

Hierro y Albero (+10)
Niclas Johansson (0)
Fausto Trino (0)
Santiago Shanahan (+4)
Federico Teves (+6)

Los Nocheros (+10)
Marcos Rossi (0)
Sebastian Schneberger (+1)
Miguel Duggan (+4)
Valentin Novillo Astrada (+5)

Print On Demand (+10)
Josh Cork (0)
Oliver Cork (0)
Santiago Stirling (+4)
Facundo Castagnola (+6)

Callanish (+10)
Thomas Selkirk (0)
Ruben Burgos (0)
Tatu Gomez Romero (+4)
Lucas Labat (+6)

Nipas (+9)
Annita van der Hoeven (0)
Niels van der Hoeven (0)
Victorino Ruiz (+3)
Jejo Taranco (+6)

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