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Team Paisano Dragons wins in Singapore

David Bernal (+5), Nico Pieroni (+3), Ronnie Lim (-1), Tan Hock and Ang Ban Tong (both -1, sharing one position) from Team Paisano Dragons are the winners of the International ProAm at the Singapore Polo Club. In the final, Paisano Dragons defeated Team Spirit Sports/Head Hunters by 6-5, so Sattar Khan/Waqas Khan (+4), Lia Salvo (+2), Jonathan Gabler (+1)/ Lynly Fong (0) and Clifton Yeo (-1) / Lawrence Khong (0) only were placed second.

Team Elevation with Horatio Llorente (+5), Vicky Nihalani (+2), Vinod Kumar (0) and Abigail Slater / Melissa Ko (-1) won the third place by 6-4,5 against La Sarita.

The price as Most Valuable Player was awarded to Lia Salvo (+2, Team Spirit Sports/Head Hunters), the award as „Best Playing Pony“ received Lulu, coached by Mani and owned by Ronnie Lim.

The International ProAm took place from May 6th to 11th, being with the Diplomats’ Cup in April (POLO+10 reported) and the Singapore Open (+8 bis +10) in June one of the tournaments of the „Triple Crown Series“.

A total of six teams divided into two groups competed against each other to win the trophy.

The standings:
1. Paisano Dragons (+6)

David Bernal (+5)
Nico Pieroni (+3)
Ronnie Lim (-1)
Tan Hock / Ang Ban Tong (-1)

2. Spirit Sports/Head Hunters (+6)
Sattar Khan / Waqas Khan (+4)
Lia Salvo (+2)
Jonathan Gabler (+1)/ Lynly Fong (0)
Clifton Yeo (-1) / Lawrence Khong (0)

3. Elevation (+6)
Horatio Llorente (+5)
Vicky Nihalani (+2)
Vinod Kumar (0)
Abigail Slater / Melissa Ko (-1).

4. La Sarita (+5)
Agustin Andrada (+4)
Bernardo Bravo (+2)
Iqbal Jumabhoy (0)
Greg Parkhurst / Ali Jumabhoy (-1)

5. Tuttonero (+6)
Andres Laplacette (+5)
Ali Reda (+1)
Stijn Welkers (+1)
April McKenna (-1)
Reserve: Gerry Gan (0)

6. Singapore Polo Club (+6)
Marc Hogberg (+3)
Sanaullah Khan (+2)
Gary Tiernan (+1)
Isabelle Larenaudie (0)

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