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New International Relationship Manager for POLO+10!

We take pleasure in announcing that Mr Rabii Benadada will take over as the new International Relationship Manager for POLO+10.

Rabii Benadada brings a wealth of relationship and sales management experience to POLO+10. A native of Rabat, Morocco, Rabii serves our Arabic and French-speaking clients and maintains a broad worldwide network of partners and contacts.

Since 2002, Rabii has been an integral leader in the marketing and sales department at Caisse de Dépôt de Gestion (CDG), a large banking and financial group in Rabat, Morocco. In this capacity, Rabii has developed and executed the company’s marketing plan by marketing the company’s products and services, sourcing prospective new customers, performing customer satisfaction analyses, assessing relevant markets to position products and services, establishing marketing partnerships, and performing market research.

Rabii has considerable experience in the insurance industry as well, both at CDG and at the Société Générale d’Automobiles (Groupe ONA). He has worked for such prominent companies as Loddon Engineering Ltd, Siemens, Price Waterhouse Cooper’s, KPMG, and BNP Paribas.

Rabii holds a bachelor in Economy at the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco and a Master’s degree in marketing and business development from the National School of Business and Management (ENCG) at Hassan 1 University in Settat, Morocco. Rabii also obtained a Master’s degree in sports management from the Institut supérieur de commerce et d’ administration des enterprises (ISCAE) in Casablanca, Morocco. Currently prepares a PhD in Sport Marketing at Rouen University in France.

Rabii is an avid polo player and in Morocco plays with a handicap of 0 goals.

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