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Victory for team La Indiana in the nick of time

Michael Bickford (+1), Fabio Lavinia (+3), Marcos Araya (+7) and Juan Zavaleta (+7) of team La Indiana are the winners of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duke of Sutherland Cup 2013. At the Cowdray Park Polo Club in England they prevailed against Nikolai Bahlsen (+1), George Meyrick (+5), Max Charlton (+6) and Malcolm Borwick (+6) of team Dell Park by 10-8.
At the outset it did not look like La Indiana would be the winning team. Dell Park initialised the scoring, the first two chukkers ended up in a tie and from the third Chukker on Dell Park took the lead. In the beginning of the sixth chukker Dell Park even extended the lead by converting a penalty and was up with 8-6. But then the tide turned. Marcos Araya (+7) levelled the tie by scoring two goals for La Indiana and even went one better by converting a penalty. With one minute left in the game Juan Zavaleta, the second +7-goaler of team La Indiana, grabbed the ball, charged across the field and scored. Final score: 10-8 for La Indiana.
Michael Bickford after winning the match: “I have been coming to Cowdray Park for ten years but this is my first 18 goal down here. This is a really special Cup to win.”

The standings:
1. La Indiana (+18)
Michael Bickford (+1)
Fabio Lavinia (+3)
Marcos Araya (+7)
Juan Zavaleta (+7)
2. Dell Park (+18)
Nikolai Bahlsen (+1)
George Meyrick (+5)
Max Charlton (+6)
Malcolm Borwick (+6)
3. Cowdray Vikings (+18)
George Pearson (+1)
Lanto Sheridan (+4)
Gaston Laulhe (+7)
James Harper (+6)
4. Lost Boys (+18)
Stefan Sund (0)
Santiago Stirling (+4)
Alejandro Muzzio (+7)
Diego Cavanagh (+7)
5. Emlor (+18)
Clinton McCarthy (0)
Santiago Gaztambide (+6)
Tom Morley (+6)
Manelo Fernandez-Llorente (+6)

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