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Japanese Cup 2012

After a successful introduction to the Singapore polo and high society social calendars in 2011, the Singapore Polo Club (SPC) will again host The Japanese Polo Cup 2012 from 27th to 28th October 2012, supported by title sponsor, Barclays.

Also supported by the Japanese Association in Singapore, this event will welcome dignitaries, celebrities and business leaders for a weekend of sport and glamour. In addition to high-level socialising and networking over Royal Salute whisky, sake by Tenshin and Japanese and Western canapés, and an exhilarating ‘live’ taiko drum performance, guests will be treated to an introductory session to polo aimed at deepening their appreciation of the sport. In spite of the fact that there currently is no polo club in Japan, the tournament will feature three Japanese players who will play alongside local professionals Waqas and Sattar Khan and amateur counterparts.

Adding her special touch of glamour to the tournament will be Inés Ligron, a French fashion and beauty expert. Ms Ligron took over the direction of the Miss Universe Japan competitions in 1997, producing five runners-up in the international competitions in her 10 years at the helm. A television personality, having appeared in several documentaries broadcast on Japanese TV, Ms Ligron is a highly sought-after mentor and lifestyle guru in Japan.

Preliminary matches will be played on Saturday 27 October and the finals on Sunday 28 October, with ‘live’ commentaries in both English and Japanese.

The Teams:
Japanese Cup
Pocari (-1)
Sattar Kahn (+4)
Akiko Kume (-1)
Taro Otsuka (-2)
Masayuki Fushida (-2)
Barclays (-1)
Waqas Kahn (+3)
Paul Murphy (0)
April McKenna / Fernando Arteaga (-2)
Maryam Reda / Fernando Arteaga (-2)
Beaujolais Cup
Royal Salute (+1)
Marc Hogberg (+2)
Yeo Kuo Lee (0)
Gerry Gan (0)
Anna Lowndes (-1)
Volvo (+1)
Ali Reda (+1)
Stijn Welkers (+1)
Lawrence Khong (0)
Ann Wilkinson (-1)
De Silva Cup
SPC Red (-3)
Wee Tiong Han (0)
Matt Harris (-1)
Yvonne Twiss (-1)
Melissa Ko (-1)
SPC White (-3)
Lars Lofgren (0)
Leon Chu (-1)
Greg Parkhurst / Abigail Slater (-1)
Elaine Parnell (-1)

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