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Kitzbühel: Tight results – finalists are set

The first match of the day between team Istra Domizil/Blackdove and Engel & Völkers ended up with a clear result of 5.5-9. The English team Engel & Völkers with 8-goaler Johnny Good had lost on Friday with only half a goal. Today the English featured an effective team play and left no chance for last year’s winners Sebastian Schneberger and Philip de Groot who did win on Friday as the only team with a double-digit result. Engel & Völkers with Johnny Good, Katrina Thomas und Alec Banner-Eve are fixed as the first finalist for tomorrow.

In the second game teams Audi versus Valartis Bank did not even give a millimeter of space for free to the opponent. While the audience witnessed a very tight game it started snowing. For team Valartis Bank now Bash Kazi played and shared a position with Omar Magalje. He applied good actions to the game. Valartis Bank-playmaker and 8-goaler Pelon Escapite set team Audi with Patrick Maleitzke, Horacio Fernandez Llorente and Magnus Kaminiarz under pressure. Without success. Patrick Maleitzke was everywhere and built up a continuous and powerful defence and offence. An extremely tight and thrilling match with two failed penalties which could have meant the win for team Audi. In the end team Valartis Bank defeated Audi by 8-7.5 and is going to be participant in the final.

Teams KCC/Gym Entry and Bernd Gruber met as the last game of the day. Until the fourth chukka Thomas Winter, Wolfram Trudo Knoefel and Agustin Kronhaus led by 7.5-4 against team Bernd Gruber with the two polo Amazons Steffi von Pock and Eva Brühl. But their teammate from Argentina Adrian Laplacette did not let it go and caught up to a score of 9.5-8, though in the end this did not suffice to contest team KCC / Gym Entry’s victory. Thomas Winter, KCC/Gym Entry: “The game today was very even and tight and was a lot of fun. In the third chukka we were half on the way into the final, but we did not make at the end.”

Commentator Jan-Erik Franck: “The tournament and level of the teams are extremely even this year. We have very tight results. Of course that makes it exciting.” As a matter of fact teams Istra Domizil/Blackdove and Bernd Gruber were equally in all aspects of results so Umpire Mark Holmes decided to toss a coin regarding the match for the third place tomorrow.

The results

Game 4
Engel & Völkers vs. Istra-Domizil/Blackdove 9 : 5.5

Game 5
Valartis Bank vs. Audi 8 : 7.5

Game 6
KCC/Gym Entry vs. Bernd Gruber 9.5 : 8

This are the matches for the final Sunday

Game 1st Place:
Valartis Bank : Engel & Völkers

Game 3rd Place (after tossing a coin):
KCC/Gym Entry : Istra Domizil/Blackdove

Game 5th Place
Audi : Bernd Gruber

Please find press photographs and further information under this links
(Fotocredit: Reinhardt & Sommer)

Photos of 2nd match day → click here

Photos of the team presentation on last Thursday → click here

Team Valartis Bank (11 / 12)
Bash Kazi 1 / Omar Magalji 2 (USA)
Pelon Escapite 7 (USA)
Reto Mario “Tito“ Gaudenzi 3 (USA/CH)

Team Engel & Völkers (13)
Katrina Thomas 1 (GBR)
Alec Banner-Eve 4 (GBR)
Johnny Good 8 (GBR)

Team Istra Domizil / Blackdove (11)
Sebastian Schneberger 2 (GER)
Philip de Groot 2 (NLD)
Julio Novillo Astrada 7 (ARG)

Team Bernd Gruber (11)
Steffi von Pock 1 (GER)
Eva Brühl 3 (GER)
Adrian Laplacette jr. 7 (ARG)

Team Audi (10)
Magnus Kaminiarz 1 (GER)
Patrick Maleitzke 4 (GER)
Horacio Fernandez Llorente 5 (ARG)

Team KCC / Gym Entry (10)
Wolfram Trudo Knoefel 1 (GER)
Agustin Kronhaus 4 (ARG)
Thomas Winter 5 (GER)

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