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Victory for team Yellow Cab

Tyler Garber, Tavi Usandizaga and Sebastian Merlos of the Russian team Yellow Cab are the winners of the La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2014. At the beach of South Beach in Florida, the trio won resounding in the final against Bash Kazi, Juan Monteverde and Brandon Phillips of the Pakistani team The Raleigh by 12-5. Especially Sebastian Merlos delivered a brilliant performance: nine of the twelve goals for Yellow Cab attended to his account and he rightly got the award as “Most Valuable Player”.

Previously, the Brazilian team Merchant Hub with Tommy Kato, Pelon Escapite and Luis Escobar won the Carl Fisher International Challenge Cup. By 8-5, the trio defeated the Argentine team La Martina with MZ Kazi, David Tafuri, Carlitos Gracida and Tommy Biddle.

The final on Sunday was opened with the match of the Fleischman Memorial Cup. The team Metropolitan by COMO competed for the U.S. and won against the Mexican team Eden Roc by 9-6.

The La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup is the world’s largest beach polo tournament and this year celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The teams:
Yellow Cab SLSJET
Tyler Garber
Tavi Usandizaga
Sebastian Merlos

Eden Roc/Rafool & Hernandez
Mariano Gracida
Weston Gracida
Julio Gracida

Metropolitan Hotel
Lance Vetter
Guille Usandizaga
John Gobin

The Raleigh/Comcast
Bash Kazi
Brandon Phillips
Juan Monteverde

La Martina
MZ Kazi
David Tafuri
Tommy Biddle
Carlitos Gracida

Merchant Hub
Tommy Kato
Pelon Escapite
Luis Escobar

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